Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


… and growth hormones! :laughing::wink: I’ve been here my whole life and have only seen a small fraction of it :hugs:

Out of likes already! :upside_down_face:


Beautiful! I’m familiar with that look :grimacing:


I can read their doggie minds… C’mon, Dad, forget the potheads and give us some food!


We got no snow, we got no shining, all we gots is…grey.


Clay County is just north of KC. I had no idea anyone was intentionally doing that breeding.
As to “remembering, I’m also guilty about that :crazy_face:


@willd its that Moose Shirt!


Woo Hoo! Leave the light on, I’ll be right there. They look yummy! Got milk? @70sChick @Buck3


I just googled community coffee @Buck3 as I didn’t know what it was. Sounds delicious. Is that a local company for you guys? They sound impressive with what they do for the community and giving back.


Out of likes for 10 hours - what!? :purple_heart: Thanks @Buck3 I will look for that at Walmart next time I go.


We made it to Colorado. Totally uneventful drive: just a heck of a lot of it. 1,275 miles.


Must be the only one lacking sleep tonight…hope everyone is well. Wife has Christmas decorating on my agenda today. That will keep me busy for awhile…did some trimming on my California Dream clones yesterday…bout an ounce jarred up from the first one. :scissors:


both of us @Capt_Seeweed…lol
good morning!


Good morning @BIGE


Good morning @Capt_Seeweed @BIGE slept in again this morning. How goes it?


Howdy boys. @Capt_Seeweed, @BIGE @Smokin_ernie. Couldn’t sleep either. All I’ve been doing is sitting on my tookus for 2 days and drive a truck.

Expecting snow in the 'Springs tomorrow. Good news for us deer hunters.


Yeah cold enough here to snow. It is really starting to feel like winter. Can’t wait


Glad to hear you reached your destination safely.
Greetings fellas and ladies too!

Today’s nose hits courtesy of Sour Diesel


That sour diesel looks :yum: and love the nose hits


One of the 2 strains I brought for me was Sour Diesel. The other was Gold Leaf. Mild to potent.


Good morning Will!