Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Wasnt going to say anything except maybe an American history museum but yes we are on the same page.

@Screwauger my chiropractor made a guy see once. He was blind from birth and hit his head on a sign post. Came into his office still bleeding, said his neck hurt. Doc looks at him, cracks his neck and the guys says he can see. My doctor asked him to repeat himself the guy said he’s been blind his whole life and can now see. They both had a teary moment then the guy said he would recommend all his blind friends to which my doc said “no please I have no idea what happened and I wish you well but please do not tell your blind friends about me” lol


I have no problem with my photos being used…I put them in the forum…just glad to get my regular status back…but it took me back to see them…lol :wink: Now that I think about it I am quite flattered my photo was used…some free seeds would be nice…but that’s ok… :crossed_swords:


Hi everyone, I wish I could say I’ve been busy with fun stuff and haven’t had time time to stop in here but my dog has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and kidney disease. This now adorns my counter

I now shovel 6 pills twice a day into my dog, bribing him with cream cheese. Saddest thing ever.


add some cbd oil as well @doodlebug

Sorry to hear about the dog. Love them. I have two lab mix right now. Great companions. Hard to see them with problems!


Oh @doodlebug so sorry to hear about your pup. Sending healing thoughts your way for your him and strength for you to help him through.


I’m so sorry about your dog. They are part of our family. Prayers for you both :hugs:


So sorry about your doggie @doodlebug :broken_heart::broken_heart:


@doodlebug Very sorry to hear this about you’re furever friend. Sending good thoughts and prayers to y’all


Sorry to hear about your dog @doodlebug :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you everyone, oy vey I tell ya, I love this dang dog more than life itself but I am asking myself, how much is too much, in one week I spent 1500$ on the dog. Thankfully I found some coupons online and one of the grocery stores in town was the cheapest and printing the coupons saved me 400$, I still spent 2 hundo, UGH. they want to put him on a halter monitor, that’s gonna be 8 hundo, plus at the same time they want to do more xrays and ECG and bloodwork, lets add 6 hundo for that. tapped the frick out. LOL.
@bob31 yes I have thought about the CBD, am going to look into it.


ok sound good @doodlebug look at treatibles website great place to start but ultimately i just put cbd drops on my dogs cookies (paul newman treats)


Let your heart guide you to do what is best for your fur baby. Sometimes the best you can do is just comfort care. I believe in The Rainbow Bridge which has helped me deal with this. GB you both :heart:️:hugs:


I literally couldn’t figure out how to type the flat symbol. B flat = A# in most corners of this orb
And quite honestly I prefer hearing from a smart ass like you than some of the other dumb asses I contend with on a daily basis.
The similarity is barely noticeable at 90bpm but bump it up to 200 and it’s definitely Chim Chim Che-ree
It’s also very similar to the song How Insensitive. It’s virtually impossible to pen anything "original"
hear for yourself (and no, I ain’t no Dick Van Dyke)

Ok so it’s possible to type a ♭ on a Mac but it’s not as easy as the other Alt key options.
You’re a ♮.


wow @Willd you out here by yourself? For 2 hours?

Good Morning Garden and Happy Hump Day! May your gardens be green and your colas many!

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Capt_Seeweed @ntmaremach @Patsbasement @North_East_Newbie @Smokin_ernie @Screwauger @BIGE @daz49


Ya I updated some threads and read a bunch of topics I was behind on.
I believe @BIGE is lurking and @Screwauger is up and at 'em somewhere in Maine
MrsWillD has my truck today so her Camry can get the studded snow tires swapped on.
I hope the VW starts so I can get to the post office this morning. It has a small, weak, under used battery.
and NO HEAT. I’ll be bundling up for that trek


nose hits?


Only for you @bob31! Only today!

Today’s load is a mix of Strawberry Kush and AK-47 crumbs left on the tray and a small bud of Bubblegum to make up enough for a joint.
Update. That was an extra couple of hits and wowwooweewa I think is what Borat would say.


excellent! What are you only doing it by request? hahaha

How are you feeling today? I remember the other day your weren’t feeling too well. Stiff neck or something? @Willd


Good morning @Willd @bob31
And to the rest of you wonderful people in the garden
@Capt_Seeweed it would take me back too bro Hahahha and the part about the pictures being iglm wasn’t really for you it was more for the Newbies that will read this one day
I can definitely see hiw it would be a shock if your not expecting it lol just says your a hell of a grower to me since they chose yours buddy well done lol
@Myfriendis410 @Nug-bug @BIGE @Screwauger @ntmaremach @North_East_Newbie


All better. I hung on my inversion table a little to decompress some discs and pop a vertebrae or 2. MrsWillD’s skilled touch is the ultimate therapy. A couple of days and an unexpected thoracic crack while I was getting comfortable in bed last night seemed to do the trick. I hate hearing that pop or crack and not knowing if it was a “good one” or a “bad one”