Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


It definitely isn’t an easy experience. I set it all up and went to add Bitcoins (fractions of) to my wallet and it kept not doing it even though it said it was. I finally found out after I gave up and just used my cc that my CC company was rejecting the damn transactions. Oi vey. Well at least I’m all set up for next time. At least I hope :rofl:


@Tylan @Sirsmokes

I too was enticed by the discount and went about trying to set up my “wallet” to begin purchasing bitcoins. It seemed to take forever for the wallet to scan past transactions (or whatever it was doing) and I gave up. Not that I was really keen on doing it (purchasing currency/bitcoins) but I gave it the old college try and said, screw that.

My CC company denied the charge the first time then I authorized it and all went through without a hitch.


Min denied from cc company and I authorized the charges but with ilgm putting the description of something else, and won’t tell you what mt bank said if I couldn’t give them the item description of what the charge would show up as. So my only othe option is the cash method and it’s hard to put a cpl hundred dollars in a envelope and send it and hope for the best


Guys I’m gonna try setting up the Bitcoin too at some point. Has anyone made it all the way with Bitcoin?


I think @Covertgrower did o tagged him so Mabry he can school us


Wooohoo @Donaldj will look forward to seeing the setup when tou receive it


Hey bob you want to make this it’s own thread so we’re not blowing up this journal @bob31


@Sirsmokes this is bobs thread ?? Lmao @bob31


Ok I can’t keep track of who’s every journal was or is I do good to remember the date lol. But good lookin out @Countryboyjvd1971


Shared the link on my journal won’t get here until Dec most likely and need all orders before I can set it up also need to make down draft exhaust and find digital heating pad or I’ll be using double boiler and have to monitor finishing stages


Thx @Countryboyjvd1971.
Keeping you and you’re family in our thoughts and prayers. :v:


@Tylan. Hope she feels better soon


@Screwauger losing your hearing can be frustrating from both sides. I had a boss that was hearing impaired from his days in Vietnam. I yelled everything at him. Then when he finally got hearing aids, it was funny, because everyone was used to yelling at him. I hope you make the best recovery you can.


@bob31 yes I made it all the way with bitcoin. I followed ILGM instructions on “how to” and did great. DO NOT LOSE YOUR RECOVERY PHRASE OR YOUR WALLET NUMBER. You will lose whatever you money you have in there. I have now downloaded the Blockchain app, and Coinbase on my iPhone. I did a small test transfer, it did work, but don’t do it for anything less than $25. The transfer fees, and money exchange you lose a little. I have not purchased anything yet, but when I make another bean order in about 3 weeks, I can update you on that part. Thanks @Screwauger for the tag.
After making this transfer, I have more confidence in the bitcoin thing. It’s an agreement between to people, with no financial institution flagging anything saying it’s fraud. (Which happened with my bank)


This is “The Garden” ( insert :v::smiley::+1::palm_tree: )But you are right. this is most definitely “Topic Worthy” (I was gonna say “Sponge Worthy”, with a nod to J Seinfeld)

I will post a link in a little bit and tag everyone over when it’s ready!


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A descending chromatic scale…


Nah, I don’t care too pause much for money, but money can buy me seeds.


Cool, got your progression figured out. One thing (I “studied” theory and composition for a while), the third in Gm should be B flat and not A sharp, as there are no sharps in the key signature. Don’t wanna be a smart ass, just happened to see that.


Lots going on here today :sunglasses:
I have no experience with bitcoin but have successfully placed an order for seeds with my CC. First order was denied by my bank even tho I called to approve an international order but the 2nd went through fine. Haven’t received them yet but should be soon.

Hearing problems I’m familiar with. Had tubes twice as a child and heard my first bird at age 5. Still struggle to hear certain tones and get the ringing now and then but agree the heart beat in the ears is most annoying.

We always thought my dad was hard of hearing but his seems to be a selective issue and habit - “what?” constantly! Then he got tested by the coast guard for his 100 ton license and passed!!