Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


@Fever all tbose things should be displayed somewhere maybe a anti slavery museum so you remember the history and dont repeat it
They children today needd to understand every aspect of our history good or bad
Life isn’t roses and apple pie all the time and i fir one will bot raise kids who think it is
You can do what tou want but my kids will not be fooled by the political correctness bs
And before you say anything else im a minority had have dealt with racism on a personal level


i’ve had mastoid surgery on my rt ear.
a bad infection ate the little bones that vibrate up in behind my ear.
rings all the time,sometimes even changing gears…lol
the other is not much better. i deal with vertigo a lot how about you guys?
@Screwauger @Tylan


@BIGE For the first year I had vertigo episodes two to three times a week that made me throw up and pass out for 4-5 hours immediately afterwards. For the next 2-5 years I could feel the dizzy come on and be able to control it by focusing on a single point. I’d only have those twice a year. Now I get them once every couple of years but I’m able to sense them and control it. I almost lost my job when I first had this happening because I was always sick. Luckily my jerk of a boss knew I was indispensable so he was stuck with me in whatever condition I was.


Good morning Garden Friends… I hope the day treats you well…:sunglasses::v:


@70sChick you find the best pictures hahahah love it


Morning all,
I guess age, genetics and just poor habits can lead to hearing loss. Any heavy equipment (loud stuff) I use ear protection.
My issues are I hear just about everything. Sometimes it’s a good thing, other times it just makes me paranoid lol. Silence is golden and a curse.

Been busy prepping for two SSH in the winter tent with scrog. I think I may start a new thread once I drop seeds. I figure inside a 4x3x2 should hold two nicely. Each plant will have 60 squares to expand into. Going to be winter tucking everyone!


That’s strange all this talk of ears and such, I had a lot of trouble with my ears as a kid and I’m partially deaf in one ear to, my ears can give me some really bad headaches sometimes to
Good morning gardeners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing fine, it’s grey skies, wet on the ground and not as cold as it has been

@Willd @kabongster @Zombo @Tylan hope your daughter’s ok buddy
@bob31 @Coltfire @Countryboyjvd1971


I wish I could give some of my hearing away to you guys. I can hear a fly flying 3 rooms away. Life is a loud, noisy place when you can not block any sounds out and hear most of what others can not…

But good Morning garden, please do not mind the luggage, just trying to find a place to rest until spring when I can open the tent back up. I have only went out to the tent once so far to check on nothing, lol, I laughed about it for 2 hours, was a bit stoned at the time :v:


If Snoop Dogg would have been my science teacher in school, maybe I woulda spent less time sleepin’ and more time listenin’.


Finger’s good, brother, took the bandage off expecting to see maggots, gangrene, oozing puss and other nasty stuff but it was closed up really nice. Lesson learned, no more cutting the cheese…with a sharp knife, at least…just cream cheese and cottage cheese from now on.


@Countryboyjvd1971 it’s called “throwing the baby out with the bath water”. It’s revisionist and guaranteed to revisit history again. WW2 didn’t happen, the Holocaust didn’t happen, let’s tear down the Vietnam War Memorial too. I’m sure everyone will feel MUCH better.

Excuse me ILGM but there’s only one word I can use: bullshit!


Agreed 100% @Myfriendis410 and couldn’t have said it any better :+1:


I have not had vertigo as of yet. The ringing bothers me more at times than others. @BIGE

The low pitched growl, like a street sweeper working down the street, is new since my last surgery! Makes for an interesting battle in my head…not as bad as listening to my heartbeat when the ears were clogged up.


They have black berry looks like I need to shop for some seeds


I tried to do the whole bitcoin and it doesn’t make sence to me so I didn’t do it


Ordered closed loop extractor misses will probly kill me but she gave me a yes honey so her fault lmao had been hunting for one in decent price range which ships to Canada finally found it so jumped on it.


So I’m doing this thing I’m thinking is a really groovy B3 original walking down the bass scale with my left
D, C#, C, B, A#, A, G#, G
the right hand is playing in various forms
Dm, A7maj, FMaj, GMaj, Gm, Dm, E7Maj, A7Maj
MrsWillD Kept saying it sounds like something else
I figured it out. Chim Chim Cheree. Totally different tempo, rhythm, and instrumentation but the same progression nonetheless
At least it wasn’t some lame ass TV commercial jingle.


School called had to pick daughter up fever this time with ear ache. At doctor’s now to get her some meds. She’s fine (for now). Definitely looks sick though not like yesterday. Thanks for her well wishes all.


Try making cents instead. lol just joking
Cash rules on the ILGM but the BitCoin discount may be worth the effort


Yes! This has happened to me. Hate that feeling. Right now my ear is pretty high pitched but I almost tune it out (no pun intended) since I’m so used to it. Shouldn’t have had those high sodium beef empanadas for lunch :sunglasses: