Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Yes. Come one! Come all! Check out the new arrivals in the seed bank!
Thank you Robert!

I moved it over here to not ramble in @bob31’s Grow Journal

Sonic sample for the morning


yea, i seen this after the fact…so thank you!


Wow thats crazy and kinda cool :sunglasses: @Capt_Seeweed and i see you regular status has been restored lmfao
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Good morning :sun_with_face: all my forum friends
Hope everyone is well
Gardens green and full of large flowers
@Screwauger @Willd @BIGE @bob31 @AnneBonny @kabongster @Myfriendis410 @daz49 @DieHigh55 hope the finger is better buddy


@Myfriendis410 just saw the post

What going on in this country is disgusting and so is anybody who supports the removal of our history
And changing the words changes everything @Fever
Especially the meaning :thinking:


Morning garden! Daughter was sick yesterday so I kept a low profile. Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

:heart_eyes: to the new strains available! That Blackberry looks great. And the THC on that Skywalker :drooling_face:


Hope your daughter feels better @Tylan
The sky walker is on my radar as well buddy


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971. I was prone to ear infections as a kid (I’m partially deaf in one ear because of an ear infection as an adult) and she was complaining about her ear hurting so I wanted to keep an eye. Of course as soon as school has begun she’s all smiles. Brat :slight_smile:


@Willd I found that the AK47 did better with a longer cure of about 6 weeks so if it seems a little harsh give it a couple more weeks. I love the humidors and stickers too!

@Capt_Seeweed np yw :palm_tree::smiley::v::+1:

Mornin’ all!


Stay on that (as you do and I am sure will). I had ear problems as a kid and as a 57y/o dood I have had tubes put in my ears four times in the past 15 yrs for fluid build up and decreased hearing abilities. Not sure the correlation but hearing problems are not something society is very tolerant of. Best of luck @Tylan et al


Yeah I know. Being partially deaf (really mostly) in one ear is not a good thing to have. I actually have something called Meniere’s Disease (Syndrome) which is an inner ear condition. I’m sure it was caused by an ear infection that I let go. I have to be overly cautions with my kids because of that. My Mom had the same thing so it’s Familial. I’m supposed to wear a hearing aid and my wife keeps yelling at me because I’m always say “What?”. Also, think of depth perception with vision. I have no sound perception. Try figuring out where a sound is coming from when you only hear it coming from one ear. So I do know what you mean.


I can relate to the sound perception and the difficulties of hearing loss. Prior to the past four surgeries, I have been functionally deaf in both ears. I learn to cope but those around me (spouse) get very frustrated and at times, agitated. I pay medical bills at the rate of about 15 bucks a month and I am paying off my last two ear operations so I was reluctant to have a third done. So I waited and lived as a functional non hearing person for about 8 months before finally agreeing to more tubes. I am lucky that once the fluid is drained, my hearing returns to a fairly “normal” level. I have low pitched and high pitched tinnitus and less than perfect hearing so even on a good day, “what” is a common term. Have a good day! @Tylan

Have a great Day Gardener’s!!
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Sorry to hear that from both you and @Tylan

I have the high pitched tinnitus as well and a fairly severe overall hearing loss. Started in the late 70’s and has been constant for the last 25 years. I got hearing aids about 5 years ago from the VA and they help sometimes with the tinnitus and of course for the hearing loss.


Anyone checking into the garden thats from AUS? I see a lot of questions coming in from there and it would be nice to have a list of fellow AUS’s to help answer questions! Thanks!


Oh I don’t want to remove history I want the opposite. I don’t want to cherry pick history to distort our children’s perception like what has been done thus far.
Leave the song alone
Leave the statues alone
In addition add
the scales slaves were weighed on
Add the ropes they were hung and intimidated by
Add the agreements that were contractually binding
Now put it all on display 'real proud like



You can’t see them in my post in the What’s your Hobby topic but I always wore ear plugs when I played in bands and still do when I run loud yard and farm equipment. I would hate to suffer any additional hearing loss. Music is my life. If I did go deaf I suppose I would still have the non stop soundtrack of songs and pieces of songs (sometimes broken into layers) and new song ideas and rhythms and riffs that play in my head when everyone around me is able to enjoy silence.

Having so many chores to do allows me to focus on something else. THC can help squelch it too but also helps me clear some of song ideas out of my head and into a song.
I know hearing aids are covered by better insurance plans. My 87 year old stepdad has some high-ends ones that can connect directly to the TV or other audio source via Bluetooth or something. $6k price tag if my memory serve me


Glad they help @bob31 but a bummer you have to deal with that. I had a hearing test in the spring before my surgery. The audiologist did state that when the day comes that more tubes are not an option (they say it will as there is so much scar tissue on my eardrums), that my type of hearing loss will respond well to “intervention.”


what does that mean? Intervention? Implants?


I believe she was referring to hearing aides or any available devices on the market for non-organic hearing loss. When she put the “probe” on the bone behind my ear I could hear mostly normally so she said that I would likely have marked improvement with one of the available methods (I assumed hearing aides).


Yep, tinnitus (low and high) has been my constant companion for the past 12 years. Most of the time it’s high pitched. Especially when I have too much sodium. Dr. gave me water pills to have twice a day for life to reduce sodium in my body.

The hearing aid did help my tinnitus a bit. My insurance only covers the cheap kind but I lost my last one. I need to get another one I have just been procrastinating.


of ok. Well thats good news anyway. The hearing aids have been hard for me to get used to. The models I have are preset to turn on at mid volume and they hurt my ears that loud. Im glad we brought this up, I’m gonna get mine out and wear them today!