Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Changing the song doesn’t change what is in people’s hearts it just gives them a reason to come out of the shadows


Hey Garden Peeps… Have ya’ll checked out the new seeds on site? Anyone know about these new strains? @bob31 @garrigan65 @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @Laurap @AnneBonny @Willd @WillyJ @Covertgrower @DieHigh55


All I can say is there are some nice looking high THC content strains. I’m drooling over them all but impossible to decide if any are going to be suitable for my unpredictable outdoor location. We can always count on it being more humid and cooler than cannabis plants find optimal.


The only weed I’ve smoked in the last 40 years I grew so, not yet!

A suggestion for everyone: if you have something to say about a particular ILGM strain put up a review. Hopefully it will be a good one haha!


I’m totally drooling over these @Willd :heart:


Hey thanks for letting me know! More things to consider to add to the next grow! @70sChick


the blackberry looks interesting @70sChick

Evening Garden!


Check your profile? @Capt_Seeweed hehehehe


MY List!

Blackberry Kush
Critical Mass
Mango Kush
Maui Wowie
Strawberry Cough


I kinda like LA Confidential & NYC diesel…aw shucks they really made this hard :sunglasses::v: @bob31


Don’t forget the classic Cheese!
Skywalker Og sounds interesting too.


Maybe you can find them on Leafly?


Thanks! Just another scar, you can see on my hand “History of a Mad Welder pt.1”.:wink:


Terrific Tuesday!
I really don’t have much to say other than High! I’m smoking the absolute last remnant of Bubba Kush from the 2015 grow. And Yay! There was a seed in the bottom of the jar. I wish I’d known that existed in Feb when I started the DownEast 12.
High Everyone!
New old shirt.

Crosby Stills Nash & Young concert tee from 2006
nothing to do with Crime Scene NY as some people have thought when they first see it.


It’s back…thanks for my regular status!!! :fireworks: @bob31 thanks… :cocktail:


Good morning growers…my clones are about 2-3 weeks from being harvested…the trichomes are just turning cloudy the last time I looked at them. Mild here today near 50 and rain expected… have a great day everyone… :cloud_with_rain:


You too @Capt_Seeweed. Which strain are they?


That baby was only 4-5 hits so up next is AK-47

MrsWillD decided the Depression ware on the Eames Storage Unit 420 (yes that’s the actual model!) should go in a cupboard instead of getting all dusty on the middle shelf, so I spread out the humidor collection.

I’m 1 shy. 9 humidors and 10 strains.
The AK-47 didn’t yield enough to warrant a bucket so once it’s gone I’ll move some Strawberry Kush into place there.

I put my old labels on the bottom to ID them.


California Dream @Willd


The description sounds great. I’m still trying to decide which strain to pick for my BOM prize. We know high humidity and cooler climate are the only constants to growing outdoors in the New England “maritimes” so that’s a little bit limiting.
I’m torn between this California Dream, Green Crack or one of the new ones…L.A. Confidential.