Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Good morning to everyone. Cold and cloudy here in flyover country. Saw we might make it back into the 60’s by the end of the week! Woooohooo!


I’ll be there in another couple of weeks for the Nebraska muzzleloader season. Any suggestions? Swanson lake area, Trenton is all we are familiar with. May head north toward South Dakota.

Good morning everyone! Nice to be home. Sourdough pancakes for breakfast, then I have some bank related chores to attend to before relaxing. The plants survived our absence (barely) and maybe they can get outside today. The dehumidifier is working: 39% in the box this morning! Yay!

Happy anniversary Alan! @DieHigh55. It’s been a year since I started growing cannabis myself I just noticed.


Have a great Smokn Anniversary!


Good Morning Garden and a Happy Anniversary @DieHigh55 Time does fly by when you’re flying high.


Good Morning Fellow Gardeners. Tough night sleeping and gotta up later today! All is well here. Great posts from Wills morning nose hits @willd to happy anniversary and hope your medical insurance is paid up to @DieHigh55

Top of the day to all! @FreakyDeekie @70sChick @SmoknGranny @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @Smokin_ernie @North_East_Newbie @Capt_Seeweed


Good morning Garden Peeps! Hope Monday is treating you well… Here’s a little something to help you Smile… @Sirsmokes @Hogmaster @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @DieHigh55 @AnneBonny @FreakyDeekie @Laurap @Tylan @DoomSack and the rest of the garden



As promised, this vape session is dedicated to all the good folks at ILGM. May your grows be green, your pH where it should be, your harvests bountiful, and your highs flying.


Woohoo @DieHigh55 hows that finger buddy


Well done @DieHigh55 I wondered why I felt a buzz over here!


Happy anniversary @DieHigh55.


Well even with my XL hooter, I won’t be using it to dig for nasal treasures for awhile. Think it’s still bleeding though, I’m afraid if I take the bandage off I’ll freak out and start screaming…naaaaah!


You felt a buzz? I felt a kick in the head and I like it!


Thank you , dear stoner sister.


Actually I’ve been growing for quite a while, just needed a site like this with friendly helpful, knowledgeable for some fine tuning…a whole bunch of it actually. A year ago I didn’t know how important pH was or how different lights do what to the plant. Actually feel like an old dawg who’s learned some new tricks.


Well, you’re one of the reasons why I’m on this forum.


Oh man I want that vape. I go drewl on it everyday waiting for the sales/discounts to line up in my favor. You likey @DieHigh55?


Wow… just went to read about California Dream in the seed section and there
is a picture of my deck and my plants… :crossed_swords: now if they could just give me back my regular status… :wink:


Yeah, mucho likey…no clouds of smoke hanging in the house, no sore lungs or throats in the morning, and it seems the weed lasts longer. The V costed us like €160, so it wasn’t that painful. Great investment, quite pleased!:+1:


Happy Happy Anniversary @DieHigh55 Hope that finger heals fast. Liquid bandage is the bomb!


Sunny and 30° (about as good as you can get here this time of year)

Took this one from my little office window so you can see the screen but still kinda cool.