Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


160-180 lbs @bob31, he was a second year deer…


The wifey has our done herself on this one. Would love a slice put in the mail and send to me. You know where I’m at lol.


Omg looks so delicious :yum: @North_East_Newbie
Good morning all
hope all have a good Sunday

Made some infused coconut oil woohoo :raised_hands:
A table spoon will do you just fine
@bob31 @WillyJ @BIGE @Willd @Nug-bug @Capt_Seeweed
Enjoy the day peeps :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Good morning everyone! Coming live from Denver and this is what I woke to! Love vacation and weed!!


That’s a beautiful scene to wake up @Smokin_ernie enjoy yhe vacation buddy


good morning forum folks…mmmm, breakfast looks tempting, I may have myself a bowl of Rice Krispies, might go crazy and throw some raisins in…food when I get up doesn’t work for me, stomach issues I guess but I love the food group in general any other time of the day.

I have been working on my grow area/cellar…the process has been involved, moving lots of years worth of stuff…it’s like the tide washed all this flotsam and jetsam around though the piles are getting smaller as things find more permanent homes.

hash…corned beef, amnesia haze…it doesn’t matter, it’s always a winner…I may have a couple of chips (gold leaf hash) in my pipe right now!


Well, you certainly picked the right place to go. It is a small Utopia for those of us still in Illegal states…


Well now you did it! That’s looks so good! Going to the store here shortly to get everything. Gotta try this!


Good morning everyone!

Congrats on your anniversary @Donaldj!

Those breakfasts look amazing! I’ve never thought to use meatloaf for breakfast but hey why not I love a good shaved steak, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich @Willd @bob31 I bet the meatloaf tastes just as good if not better.

@North_East_Newbie mmm thanks for that recipe I’m gonna have to try that out. Jimmy Dean makes some damn good breakfast sausage :grin:

@bob31 @Rugar89 I’m starting to get convinced by you to try out the blueberry. That will have to be my next purchase that sounds perfect!

@daz49 @kabongster @DoomSack @Countryboyjvd1971 @70sChick


Got to have some variety @Tylan, blueberry is a tasty one. Have two jars of it currently, yum.

@bob31 I updated my dry weights yesterday on your harvest weight thread for you.


Thanks to you and your wife for the recipe :drooling_face:


Just book marked this @North_East_Newbie Sounds and looks delish! I’m think this will be a great Christmas morning casserole.

Good Morning garden. It’s a chilly 36 degrees in my neck of the woods. The Mr. unloaded a ton of pellets yesterday so we are toasty inside. Not much planned for the day. Finishing laundry (I hate winter laundry - there is always so much more of it) and running some errands. Other than that it’s just chilling with the chihuahua’s. Enjoy the day.


Good morning garden! @BIGE, sounds like a good eater! @Donaldj, congratulations on your anniversary! @Willd, I hope your pain in the neck goes away!

Going to have a big breakfast with the wife’s son and his girlfriend then back on the road for the 6 hour drive home. I’ll be glad to be back with my plants haha!

@North_East_Newbie that breakfast is our inspiration lol!


So glad I got my outside chores done yesterday as it is nearly whiteout conditions this morning with what I would class as our first real snowfall in progress :slight_smile: This is not a bad thing I am going to sit back and enjoy it because I know it is the end to my year with a carport and possible 1000sqft house hanging in the wind for better weather both jobs roughly a day’s work each. Now I can get to the fun stuff like siding the company shop


Thanks @bob31 and @Buck3 Haven’t seen him yet. Going back this evening. These hills are kicking my arse as I’m not used to them!!! Here’s a pic of the saddle I’m talking about.


@North_East_Newbie. Thanks for posting the recipe. This may well be our go to weekend breakfast during hunting season.
Good morning Garden Friends
It’s 53 and cloudy here the South today. Probably going to hang like that all day. Hard to complain about it when everyone one else is so much colder.
Hope everyone has a great Sunday.


Looks like a good pinch point @Beans. I see those elevations on there…it looks like some tall hills and ridges in there. We’re fixing to get ready to go in a little while. This is a pic of a buck that’s been coming in at the two stands we’ve been hunting so far. He seems to be what I call a “night walker”. We have some of him around 4 & 5 am so we’ve stayed away from there in the morning…hoping he will come in late evening


Well @Beans, it looks like the rain might keep us from getting out. Plus, an east wind ain’t helping matters either. I’m a big believer in wind so if it ain’t right I stay away. It’s a long deer season here so no rush. Good luck in Missouri


Evening Gardner’s

Beautiful sunset this evening @bob31

A little music for this chill evening…


2 thumbs up @DoomSack

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