Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Looks fantastic!


Morning all @Willd @bob31 @Donaldj @Myfriendis410 @70sChick @Screwauger @GreenThunder my grow lights are on the way, they just left San Francisco. My iPhone X is just making it to the States’. Happy Veterans Day to all who served. Both my grandfathers served, but both have passed. New coffee shop in town today, just opened. I plan on grabbing a delicious cup with 6 shots of espresso in a smallest size that it fits in. (Yes I’m serious)
@Myfriendis410 I’m just going to say it’s pretty messed up about the anthem. I agree with you. That’s as far as I’ll go on here.
@dbrn32 my coworker is considering the same kit that I purchased now. Lol. He’s old school with his HPS/MH, but getting tired of paying the bill. See what you started? Haha.


I am thankful for all the Veterans :us: (if I tag I’ll miss one or many)

A few years ago one of the box chains promoted green lights to honor Veterans. My green light has been on every day since then (2015 maybe)

My mom added a plaque to hers…


That is some tasty looking budder! Which strain did you make it from? Let us know about those cookies!


I replenished my green oil supply today as well. I’m charging up my batteries for my cordless drill and multi tool so I can start baitching up all this shake into hash.


@DoomSack, you’re gonna love the Gold Leaf. Warning! If you don’t watch out, the plant will eat you! Hahaha! It grows like crazy, monster fan leaves, terrific smell and I tuned up on it 20 minutes ago with it. It’s the strain I chose to travel with if that says anything. …

@Covertgrower it’s the world we live in. Our mantra at home is: 3 more years until Colorado!


It’s the right kind of sickness if you’re into this. Spending to save that is…


lol Thanks @Myfriendis410 for the warning lol.

I’m looking forward to sampling it heard lots of good things.


Holy cow @FreakyDeekie That’s some nice looking budda you got there. Enjoy! I see lots of good stuff in your future.


That MB machine will serve you well @Willd with all the bud you have. Enjoy that coconut oil - I love how versatile it is.


Condolences @Willd
Now that is a new shirt we have not seen before…
I do like the ll bean tattersall check its my church shirt!!


Evening all.

Sorry for your loss @Willd.

Thanks @Familyman420. He’s doing much better now. There’s only pain when he accidentally bumps his toe. He’s very careful not to do that :slight_smile:

I hope everyone is having a great Veteran’s Day. I also joined the many and took advantage of the Patriot Mixpack sale. Too good to pass up.


@BIGE What shakin this evening? How’d the 'backs do today? I missed half the day so I think I missed them unless they’re on now?

UMASS and UMaine are playing on NESN Locally here! Good matchup!


yea the backs wre not acting very razor-like today…lol i have turned it over to the lord above @bob31… what’s bob up to this fine evening?


I don’t have any glamour shots to post like @WillyJ but I;m indulging in some Blueberry and a new to me beer; Sam Adams Harvest Hefe

Thats a pretty good likeness of me on the label! :beers:

Other than having a few beers and some smoke just cruising the forum and watching some great college football!

@BIGE How about you?


the same with iced tea and some super silver haze…lol
not the best evening smoke but it will have to do until a nothern lights or gorilla glue comes in.
some blueberry sounds great! man i miss that stuff,calms everything except the cookie monster!
could you personalize your mentor button @bob31,reading post you are both replying to sometimes gets confusing…lol


Yeah, it confuses me too @BIGE . I will see if they can tweak either mine or Johns to make it a little easier to figure out, but I have a feeling we are stuck with them for now until they do the personalized ones in a few months.

The blueberry gets me a little munchy once in awhile but not as bad as the sativas.


Went for a brisk walk after the new coffee shop experience. It was a short walk, it was cold. I needed to get out though. This was the quick view I had for a little bit. @anyone who stops by.



Thats a tough view to have. Pretty peaceful actually! Love the snow on the tops! How far away is that “hill”


@bob31 a good estimation, to the shore of the “hill” would be a good 5-6 miles. At least another really rough couple miles in and up after that. It takes me a good 20-30 minutes at about 32 mph on flat calm. (that’s as fast as my small boat with a 40HP goes) I’ve put a crab pot over that way a few times. It’s quite a bit more peaceful when you’re actually over on that island. Lol.