Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


A global treasure that Tommy! Huge fan of his Beatles interpretation and the jazzier stuff like Sweet Georgia Brown and some of the Hot Club Django influenced. Tommy’s style is so unique and wide ranging he’s got something for everyone. God bless Tommy Emmanuel!


Nose hits or die

Good Saturday morning to the whole lot of you!
Tagless post. RIP my former neighbor and lifelong friend and partying buddy Seth M. Not gonna spend any time bummed out about this. He’s gone and none of this matters to him. I may well have smoked as much weed with Seth as I did with the rest of my friends combined.


Condolences @Willd

It just seems like a bad dream when something so serious happens to those close to us. Never any good words. Sorry for your loss.

Good Morning Garden. 20 on the button here. First under freezing temps of the year for us.

The coffee is hot as is the woodstove! Breakfast was delicious and Will has had his nose hits! I could go back to bed for a couple hours!

I had pipe of Blueberry for my morning med and all id right with the world from here!


That’s F*n’ FREAKY!


That sucks big time, bro. Do you have a “disability percentage” to decide how much you’re entitled to? We have that, it’s really stupid. After a serious back operation, surgery on both elbows and than being diagnosed with asthma after having an attack at work, I couldn’t work as a welder anymore, I got a percentage of around…5%, which is worthless. And when I stopped working, I was 58 and with pretty much no chance of finding another job. Isn’t socialism wonderful?


@Tylan sorry to hear about your kid. Hope he’s doing better now? It hurts like hell having them, and getting them dug out, but the relief that comes like 48hrs later is so worth the intense pain. Its hard to watch that as a parent.


I think I’m going to take that offer, I’m curious about AK47 and BUbblegum.


So sorry for the loss of your friend @Willd It’s never easy and there are no words Keep those good memories close.

Good morning garden. Watering and tending to the girls this morning, have a ton of laundry to do and usual household chores to do. I will update my journal later too.


Thanks , Dad (USCG 1944). When asked why he joined the Coast Guard , Dad’s stock answer was…" I didn’t want to sleep in the mud and eat crappy food from a can." Makes sense.


First Saturday I haven’t had to work in months so of course I volunteered to insulate mother in-laws basement after a 9 pm call from her asking where to buy insulation :wink: It won’t take me long and I am already itchy from tearing off fiber glass felt backed roof yesterday so just more of the same to me.
managed to defrost my rain barrel enough to drain to where I could pick it up and move it into shed to finish defrosting only took 2 100w res heaters a week to melt 45 Gal ice block in subzero temps to the point I could finally drain some. May install sliding glass door on my deck today in our milder afternoon temp today?


MrsWillD says I have to make some room in the freezer for some turkeys.
So I’m off to get ice and strain up some bubble hash.

Harrison Garcia recommends 200 to 400 g of leaf per 5 gallon batch. Seeing as how I’ve got 960 g on hand, I’ll make three batches of 320 g each. Results to come.


I’m so sorry for your loss. A part of him lives on through your good memories of your time together. My thoughts and prayers for you and his family :hugs:


I am so sorry for your loss @Willd. Always tough. Hey @SmoknGranny, looky at my budder! Seems to have turned out pretty good looking, 2 lbs! Making cookies later today which will tell me how good it actually turned out!


Awesome! So your secret ingredient is cat treats? :rofl:


@Willd Sony for the loss of you’re friend. Fly high Seth.


LOL, I am outta likes but sheesh, we have cat treat bags everywhere, cabinets, end tables, etc. They are everywhere, just like the cats!!


Teehee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Sounds like my house with dog & cat treats. Which reminds me … I need to get some canine edibles recipes downloaded!



:heart::blue_heart:! No white one to go with them. I need to thank my Veteran friends. Thank you for the reminder.

Good morning garden! The wife and I are in Sacramento for a couple of days, visiting my stepson. This is most definitely a much better time to be here than summer!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

To all of the Veterans on the site: I can never thank you for all that you have done. Bless you.


Morning all, happy Saturday.

@bob31 Thank you for your service bob. i live in a great place in the world, partly because of men and women that sacrifice their time protecting the country i have grown up loving. Thank you to all the vets for toughing it out in foreign lands, thank you for making it a safer place. Thank you for your sacrifice. God bless America and the world.

In honor of veterans day (my grandfathers and dad both served) I can now confirm that my Patriot pak has been ordered woo hoo! Can’t wait to try some new strains. I also pickup up some Gold leaf on sale as I’ve read good things about them.

Thoughts of the morning today:

Winter is rapidly approaching down here and going to start getting chilly so i set up my tent (a 4x3x2).

I have to finish out my 10 auto/fem clones which are possibly 3-4 weeks from harvest but could start some seeds soon and have the clones out before setting up the scrog wire.
I’m debating on dropping 1 to 2 seeds for a winter scrog in the tent. Now just in the same issue as @Willd , which two to grow? lol