Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Canna Double Espresso Fudge, Aaaarrrggghhh!!!



He looks like he’s on the prowl for a couch to tear up.


Good morning gardeners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s bright blue skies here
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He is definitely a chewer. Loves deer antlers, tightly woven rope, and anything which clicks and crunches of plastic sounds.
partly cloudy heavy dew here.

Went walking around this morning and checked on a Fig trees. Need to look up blackest purple spots on leaves.


Looks very tasty, remember to share :wink:


Well it’s -2c this morning I was slow and careful all day yesterday at work which for the most part worked out as I loosened back up through day and wasn’t overly sore. Should be finished this roof today a bit earlier next one is the one I was needed back for lots of woodwork to help me stretch back into shape :wink:


He’s a herder and hates being held back😊 He’s looking good.


Same to you out there in the Irish Sea.


Good luck at the dr office @Countryboyjvd1971


Good morning everyone! @daz49, Darren- how’s that Gold Leaf? @Willd, Will- I like how your mind works! @Donaldj, -2C ! Uh, that’s colder than my beer, last time I checked. All I can say is. …NO! 40 years of marriage? How truly wonderful.

We’re back to fog and low clouds, mid 70’s . I’ll take it.


@Willd That is some pretty oil, looks that pretty shade of green. How did you get it so clear? Just great filtering?


Yeah the gold leaf is going down a treat still, only got half a jar left and 3 weeks into flower with my new ones, so it’s gonna run out for sure, really don’t want to pick at any of these this time but I’m really impressed with myself


You should be impressed @daz49. nice job. Durban poison was 1? goldie is 2? what’s cooking at 3 week now?


Thanks my friend, in the room this time is goldys clone, a super silver haze, strawberry kush and white widow, they are easily over 5ft already and 3 weeks in flower, looking really good


I have fig trees too but haven’t seen those black spots on mine except when a leaf dies ?
Let me know what the out come @DoomSack
I’m curious to know
I have 4 fig trees total


Good Afternoon Garden! Hope you’re having a great day! Sunny and warm here NW of Boston MA, USA Showing 86 degrees and low humidity of 40%

Just boiled up the water to make some iced tea. Bags are steeping up nicely!

Not much cooking here today. Updated my Grow Journal

Linked it in if anyone wants to check it out. (Many are already tagged)

Sorry I have missed everyone last few days!

@Niala hope the migraines are feeling better!>

@rodri59 I just read about your Mom. Both of mine have passed on, Sad times, heavy hearts and a life changing event. :broken_heart: My condolences to you and your family!

Someone was talking marriage… My wife and I had our wedding anniversary a few months back and we have been married 36 years. I’m not saying this to be gospel, but i believe long marriages happen because the couple have a higher tolerance for pain… hahaha

And this has been the ILGM Forum/ Morning Garden; Thought of the Day!


I’m so happy for you being able to do this and keep yourself healthy with your own Farma and away from the PHarma.


@bob31 Thank you for your thoughts and condolences. Time will heal the pain.

Love your philosophy on longevity in marriage! I think I concur.

Have a good rest of your day everyone. We are leaving on Saturday for our Australia :australia: trip, so will be busy washing, packing, cleaning house, making dog food, sewing, shopping. ugh. I am tired. Will take lots of pictures :slight_smile:



Thanks @bob31, I am slowly getting better :slight_smile:, thanks to MJ :wink::+1:


I am also going to Aus but not for another 6 months. Enjoy the trip and if you come across any “Must Do’s” please share! Have fun!