Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Good morning @BIGE @Willd @M4ur @Screwauger @kabongster:sleepy::sleeping:, I think I may "grab a little nap":sleeping::sleepy::sheep::sheep::sheep::sheep:, lol :wink: :innocent:

I’m up since 4:15, dam migraine :angry::flushed::dizzy_face:, I just medicate my self, :wink::innocent:, i’ll be back later…


Hey @BIGE @kabongster @Capt_Seeweed @Countryboyjvd1971 @daz49 @bob31 @Screwauger @North_East_Newbie @Nug-bug @Niala
10 is still the tag limit. So we’re nearing the end of the 2015 harvest so its time to start moving it out.
Still have a quart of Green Monster oil to use.

This mix calls for 2/3 Cup but I use a full cup since I like to add an extra 1/2 C of raw cocoa powder to the mix

AND for this particular mix instead of 1/4c water I’m using 1/2 C cold brew coffee concentrate! Yep, I am caffeinating these babies.


@bob31 is gone a steal your sweater, @Willd, HaHaHa :wink::sweat_smile:


magical mystery solved. but the tour must go on.


I bet those are going to be good!
Love that they are caffeinated!


good morning @BIGE @North_East_Newbie @Niala (I hope you’re feeling better soon…I woke up with a headache yesterday, two cannacapsules helped me out) @Willd , the joy of cooking! and eating!


Good Morning Folks, @Willd I am not familiar with this Monster Oil…

Hope everyone is hanging in there!!
@BIGE @kabongster @Capt_Seeweed @Countryboyjvd1971 @Rugar89 @bob31 @North_East_Newbie @Nug-bug @Niala


What’s up good people!! It hump day!! Going to be cutting down a plant tonight can’t wait.


36 brownie bites

So the addition of coffee concentrate & extra cocoa converts this flavor from Mocha Fudge to Double Espresso Fudge. WooHoo :open_hands:

Our kitchen sink drain, trash cans, and compost cannot tolerate ANY coconut oil residue so I risk life and limb to ensure not a drop enters any of those disposal systems in spite of ample warning of the perils of consuming raw brownie batter. And that is how cannabis cooks get double baked.
Yes indeed it is. baked as a biscuit


It’s just Corrine Tobias’ potent cannabis infused coconut oil recipe. All the sites containing enough detail to be useful have commercial links so I can’t post here. But we can discuss offline any time. Totally impressed with how the 1st pic with the spotlight under the jar came out above. Almost looks like hi-vis safety green.


Good morning all back to work today
Yesterday was a day off for drs appointments still
Need to get MRI but moving forward
Anyway have a great day all
@BIGE @bob31 @kabongster @Niala @North_East_Newbie @Smokin_ernie @Screwauger @Wishingilivedina420state @Hogmaster
@Willd those look so yummy brother hahahaha👍
I can always count on you for a good picture in the morning
Have lots of catching up to do today peace all
Happy growing :cowboy_hat_face: :v:️ CB


there’s a Dr. Evil vibe going on there with the haircut and the ronnie reagun lighting @Willd , all that’s missing is a mini you


If that means Marijuana Reload Intake I think you’re covered. A pain free @Countryboyjvd1971 would be AWESOME. Hang in there brother. Having suffered herniated disc injury for 6 weeks while I waited for neurosurgery, I cannot imagine enduring that kind of agony for any longer than necessary. Like @daz49 and the trials of his lung issues, this one also saddens me when I put myself in your shoes. Nobody deserves to suffer like that.


freakin’ lazer beams coming out of those cakes @kabongster.


Well Kelvin (my mini-me) IS scheduled for a shave and haircut next week so maybe we’ll have Petco take it right down to the skin.

This is an older shot since there is no desk or sofa in the background. Someday innotek will mfg invisible fence collar receivers that aren’t so clunky.

Actually if I could get MY hair as shaggy as Mr Mutt here I’d never cut it. I love the spikes on top. They look like flames or fire in the sun.



i’ll take two, @Willd lol


Thanks brother @Willd
I’m still moving around and can still put shoes on myself but yes being painfree or at least less pain also being able to do some of the things I’ve need to put off would make me happy as well brother
I have lots of work around the house that’s not getting done
And you know how that can get away from you if you don’t stay on top of it lol


gMorning growers! It’s a perfect day in Western MA. My sister has escaped from Fla finally, so I’m giving her dogs back this afternoon!

Gonna feed my plants then haul my butt to work.



Hello Garden, looks like an early fall this year. Prayers go out to those we have lost, and to all of us still hanging on. :sunglasses:


Good morning all,
@Screwauger @bob31 @Willd @SmoknGranny @daz49 @DieHigh55 @Zombo @Capt_Seeweed @BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 and all gardeners!
Woflie update incoming:

He’s just getting bigger and bigger. We’ve been walking him with a leash and he hates it lol. The compromise, we let him walk without the leash that last half of the walk.
Time to get medicated.

Have a great morning all.