Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Thanks @BobWags Lucky you! White Mountains? As in Arizona? I am sure there are other mountains called the same thing, but I do know the AZ White Mountains well. My dad used to go elk hunting every year there. He did it more just to be out in nature, getting an elk was just a happy benefit lol.

Hubby and I are winging our way “down under” on Saturday and you can bet I will have my Nikon with me :slight_smile:


As the cold starts there, we get our first taste of summer today,84°f



Those mountains sound amazing. Actually I’m going to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It should be peak or around peak foliage. I went three years ago when I first got the camera and got some okay shots. Didn’t really know how to use the thing to its full potential but now I’m better.

Enjoy your trip down under. And never go anywhere without your Nikon.


Still trying to figure out the haircut?? Only joking…been there…gave up on them…lol



Hey @Capt_Seeweed Love the Lennon Glasses! Farm-Out, Right Arm, Outta State!! j/k Great Photo


Love the Beatles…great complement… :apple:


Such a handsome fellow :blush:


@SmoknGranny thanks… the wife would agree…lol


I figured she would LOL as I did remember that you’re married. So nice that you can share with your spouse. I’m still trying to edge mine to at least talking about MJ. I’m getting really tired of hiding in my bathroom :toilet: and cooking cannabutter in the garage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Married my high school sweetheart …and it worked…that has to be a record at 40 years next june… :heart_eyes:


I do hate to say it fortunately I’m on Westcoast and Northern Interior because the frost on roofs and ice I broke in puddle tells me it’s almost here for me anyway :wink:


That’s absolutely Wonderful! I wasn’t that lucky but I’m where and with whom I’m supposed to be with now. While it’s not ideal I believe in my heart I’m here for a reason :blush:


Awesome @Capt_Seeweed I’m right behind you. It’ll be 40 years for me July 2, 2018.


Look at you 2 go @Capt_Seeweed and @ntmaremach that’s awesome. 40 years in today’s climate is something to be proud of. I also married my high school sweetheart and we will celebrate 30 years this October. Funny I just looked up today what the traditional 30 year gift is and its pearl. But my guy doesn’t do cuff links or tie tacks anymore. I’m thinking pearl handled pocket knife or something similar. The hunt begins.


I’m outta likes @AnneBonny but that definitely calls for many likes a pearl handle knife is a awesome gift in my book. The only thing better would be a pearl handled pistol. Maybe a colt are browning hint hint


@AnneBonny and @Wishingilivedina420state I say go for both :blush: I’m a firm believer that a good knife and a good gun are must haves for men and women.


Awesome and congratulations!


I agree @SmoknGranny get him both he needs them both @AnneBonny , can’t go wrong with a colt combo gift set gun and knife . You would win wife of the millennium with that gift.


good morning growers!!!
hope everyone has a wonderful day!!