Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great
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Good morning garden! Prayers for those who need them! @rodri59 Get well wishes to @Coltfire

Hope everyone is having a great day!

My week has been much too busy and I miss not checking in more often. Have been neglecting my grow a little and had to go water quickly before I went out today. I only had 5 minutes so hopefully I got enough to hold everyone over till this evening!

I’m a football fanatic and between college and pro I got a good fill this weekend and last night!

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And everyone! Hate to leave folks out…


Good morning fellow gardeners and stoners!! It is only Tuesday but an easy day for myself. No boss at work today so it will be an relaxed day.


good morning @BIGE @Willd, you actually need a second power hitter for the right side and a sweater over it to hide the man boobs that were predicted for the male tokers back in the 60’s, @daz49 @bob31 @Screwauger @Lia @DieHigh55 @Countryboyjvd1971 @M4ur @Niala and all…

It’s a late morning for me as well, had to rush through plant maintenance, the timer is off by nearly 45 minutes, lights went out right after pH testing.


Best wishes for your mom @rodri59, my thoughts and prayers are with her

Get well quick, rest and relax @Coltfire

good morning @Smokin_ernie @Donaldj @Hogmaster @DoomSack @Nug-bug @BobWags @Capt_Seeweed @Zombo


@Willd I am a bit more than an amateur photog, but I won’t go so far as to say I am a pro by any means! My opinion is based on what it is you are going to be using the cam for? I mean is this just recreational photo-ing or do you want a more professional look to your pics. You can’t go wrong with a Canon (although I am a Nikon girl, I do appreciate the Canon line, especially the dSLR’s.)

Point and shoot is just that, point and shoot. But the dSLR’s can also be point and shoot if you adjust the settings. So it comes down to how much control you want over the actual picture taking. I prefer dSLRs because I can shoot in raw and post-edit later. Not sure if the Olympus can do that, nor do I care to know.

I will tell you, in my experience (which albeit is limited in the Olympus arena) and that of several photog friends, I am not impressed with many camera’s in the Olympus line.

The accessory bundle is pretty cool for the Cannon. That Macro lens would sell it for me.

Good luck with your choice.


Thanks for the well wishes and prayers @kabongster and @bob31 and anyone I missed. Forgive me for not reading everything, the tears are always there and its hard to read through them. Another thing I found out is that my phone has a very difficult time with its retinal recognition when I am crying lol.

My mother passed away yesterday morning. :broken_heart: I am gutted. But it is the natural order of things, isn’t it. She was 90. She lived a long full life. We will miss her, but we are very grateful we had her for the length of time we did.

She knew it was coming and made her phone calls in the days leading up to yesterday.

I am nearly 60 years old and feel like I have suddenly been orphaned. The “little girl” in me cries for her mommy, the older woman in me is trying to sooth the little girl and not having much luck.



Real “Bunkers”, lol :sweat_smile: :wink: , it’s likely to be that for those who’ll done it for commercial purpose, independently of the size of it :angry::triumph::wink:… However, for those who’ll do it for medical and personnal use, it’s unlikely to be…:wink: Otherwise, the Goverment will have to amendate the present law…:wink: or Maybe they will :triumph::angry::disappointed::unamused:

There is a lot of incertitude since Ottawa “dump” the responsability to the Province hands and for now, only Ontario has moved and it will be control by the state… Not a good news for dispensary that do not have Federal permit… I hope for you that B.C., that is clearly more liberal, more permissive on non-accredit dispensary, will not follow this path… @Donaldj


I am with you, @rodri59, Olympus line do not impress,

Nikon or Canon line are my first choice, @Willd


very hard to say the provinces will see it as a new cash stream so will be over taxed to say the least


Thankfully it doesn’t cause bigger bottoms too. I don’t want to have to order a new Aeron in a size C


@Donaldj Yeah that’s my fear, in Québec, I think they aim for between 8 to 10 $/gram, tx included, … :triumph::angry: Will see…


frost warnings in the air and first -1c night on forecast 2c this morning winter is closer than I would like to admit considering the mild summer we had it’s going to be a early and cold winter likely lots of snow? last few years have had far less snow but with all the wildfires and the dry summer could be ugly :wink:


You had to say it. At least there is the uncertainty of a question mark at the end of it. Freeze can hold off until the last of my plants’ trichs have developed at least a hint of amber. Worst case scenario nothing gets to the couch lock stage?
Time to scour the rest of the house for my LED illuminated 30x -60x magnifier. It wasn’t in any of the places I thought I stashed it in 2015.

I’m all for the “cold” and “lots of snow” parts. The “early” part shivers me timbers though


That is exactly how I felt last year. I realized, at age 58, that not only was I an orphan now but now I was the oldest of the family. Big hugs!!

Good Tuesday morning everyone. Another hot one yesterday.


I’d go for the Cannon imo. I know it’s convenient to not have to have all the lenses, but it opens up all kinds really cool options when you get down to taking some pictures.


@rodri59 Thanks for the advice.
The loss of loved ones is never easy. Cancer took my 80 year old Dad in 2012 and my 53 year old sister in 2011 within 9 months of one another. I still have my mom who is now 82 and step dad who is 87. They’re obviously not going to live forever so I value whatever time we spend. Since my Dad died, I call her every day to keep in touch


I’m sorry for your loss and wish the best for you through the pain and heart ache. I’m getting up in age where I’m seeing more and more changes in my parents and in the back of my mind I can see the future approaching rapidly and it freaks me out. Sending out virtual hugs to you and your family.


I’m so sorry for your loss!

Nothing I can say is sufficient. I just hope you can find comfort in the knowledge that she is done with any suffering.

90 is a good long life. She’ll be waiting for you on the other side…


Let me say from a member of ilGM that we are all deeply sorry for your loss even if you just need someone to talk to please feel free to tag me thoughts and prayers are with you and your family @rodri59