Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Merci! I’ll certainly tell her. Next crop maybe I’ll plant some cbd for the fun of it😉


I live in such an odd country we have strange grey areas in our laws like a person with a recent divorce is not permitted to buy a firearm for 16 months lmao thought it was a joke than met someone actually told that when he applied for his registration PAL as it’s called here


Only if he had a restraining order @Donaldj. I have about 13 years selling firearms to military members so have to keep up on the laws. Unless your state has some really weird law in place.


Canada :wink: and he was actually remarried already


That explains it. That’s interesting. I wonder how that law was justified. …


She is the apple of my eye @kabongster:apple:


Morning/afternoon all, sorry haven’t been on last few days , spent a few days in hospital ,as had mild heart attack Friday night, thought is was just my AF playing up , but when it knocked me to the ground , the wife called ambos ,feeling a lot better now , I’m really getting sick of hospitals, it’s been one thing after another lately, if the big guy up stairs wants me so much I wish he would just do it , instead of putting me through all this crap. well I hope all are well and plants doing fine ,I’ve had a police chopper circling above me for last half hour,at one point I think I could have jumped up and grabbed the rail, well maybe not in my current state lol. @daz49 @Lia @Donaldj @Willd @garrigan65 @latewood and everyone else in the garden.


Oh jeepers ,glad to see you and hear from you. I have been there and can relate my friend especially to the cascade of events. Hang in there @Coltfire


Jeez @Coltfire that sounds like it was very scary and I’m so glad to hear you are better and home. Your wife is a smart lady calling when she did. Don’t over do it ~ as in no jumping up for helicopters~ and follow drs orders. :face_with_thermometer::mask:


Glad you are doing better now @Coltfire. Take it easy!


Sending prayers for continued improvement of your health :pray:t2: Take care and don’t over do please :blush:


Did you have any kind of physical warning before the attack came? I’ve read if you feel a heart attack coming on, you should cough real hard several tines to stimulate the heart. Scary as hell! Apparently " the big guy upstairs" wants you to grow some more weed first…get well soon!


good morning all!!


Pocket Tees

Good morning @Capt_Seeweed @kabongster @Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971 woo hoo ™ @Niala @DieHigh55 @bob31 @Smokin_ernie @Zombo @Lia

When I smoked cigarettes I sought them out. Today I look at all my pocket tees and wonder if anyone every uses that pocket for something other than carrying their smokes.

My power hitter fits but looks awkward in public


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Photography advice?
So I’m torn between two great option to replace my dead Olympus Stylus 7030. It’s over 10 years old and it’s updated version retails for @ $400 with some accessories as shown here:

The 35mm Canon Rebel I gave my ex in the 90’s was something in it’s day. The update of that one is also quite affordable for another $100 with a generous accessory bundle as shown here:

The compact design and all in one mechanics of the Stylus are alluring. It’s ability to focus clearly whether the subject requires a focal length of telephoto or super Macro without lens changes is superior. Supposedly it’s waterproof and shock resistant. Big PLUS

The Canon, on the other hand, offers even more versatility in a slightly more cumbersome product that might not be as tolerant of bumps and rough handling.

Does any one here know of any glaring flaws or shortfalls either of these camera types (point and shoot vs. SLR) possess?
I’ve spent far too much time reading Consumer Reports already.

It’s light now, so time to get out there and mix up some nutes for the DownEast 12


Good morning/evening everyone!
@Willd definitely go with Canon and also you need to buy a tripod for that…


Actually those little pockets are pretty handy for the grocery list if you get over the panic attacks, the sweaty hands, the chattering teeth, the knocking knees once you get to the store and can’t find your shopping list because it’s in your tee pocket…from experience.


Tuesdays are early mornings for me – I work till 8 Monday nights, then have to be back at 8 Tuesday mornings. Ouch. Doesn’t leave much time for the garden.

Chilly this morning! In the 40s. Hoping for either few weeks if mild weather so I can keep my girls in the sun until harvest. Days are getting short already.

Gmorning! :unicorn::sheep::rabbit2::dragon_face:


I am no help as I suck at photo’s, even with nice cameras. I will say if I had a spare $400-500 I would have a second grow tent (or larger one) or one heck of a COB grow light. Good luck @Willd