Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


only maybe 6 weeks left in my work season so I will have time to rest it good soon enough :wink: and sore I can work with just may find myself making CBD oil out of my PK in another few weeks


Working with sore is sad, however, “it take what it takes” as the saying goes,:wink:

Oral CBD oil and high CBD dominant strain like Boaty McBoatface (CBD MediHaze)(+/-4%THC-+/-9%CBD) in vaping, are doing a good job for me for a day use , little to no psychoactive effects , just a smile that “stick” in my face, lol :wink:

@Donaldj, what is PK? Just found in your topic, Purple Kush…


Hi everyone. Its been a while since I have dropped into the “garden”, life got in the way.

We are starting to feel some of the effects of Irma; mucho rain and little-to-no wind. The wind is suppose to kick in later in the afternoon. As predicted the school districts are all closed (they SAY for today and tomorrow, but knowing what I know about the Georgia school systems they will probably be closed all month to deal with the aftermath of Irma, like a few leaves on the lawn, dirty school windows, I am being sarcastic)

Anyway, we flipped the girls to flower last night and found out sons grow cab light is not working (HPS) ballast comes on, breakers have been checked. Ugh if its not one thing its another. So we squeezed them all into my grow room with my HPS that is working lol.

If I can ask you all a favor please :slight_smile: My mother is not doing well. My bro called me this morning. My mother is 90 and lives with my bro and his wife (retired) in California and they care for her. She called me last night talking like it would be the last call she would make. I tried to cheer her up, she sounded so down and just tired of life and living (she has lots of health problems as would be expected for a 90-year-old) Anyway, they took her to the ER and they want to do a lot of BS that she is refusing. She just wants to go. I think if she survives this, hospice will come in. I am leaving for Australia in 5 days or I would be flying over. Timing never works in my favor. Can you say a prayer, light a candle, howl at the moon…whatever you do, for my mom? Thank you.

A :broken_heart:ed Rodri


@rodri59, I will :pray:giphy (2)


Thankyou @Niala. Wow. I just looked at the number on your post to me - 2227. That was the address of our family home. My parents lived there for 30 years.



Maybe synchronocity… :wink::slight_smile::innocent: and you’re welcome @rodri59


Wow! Zipperhead! I keep threatening to do that too haha! Looks great!


SoCal thunderstorms! Holy mackerel. We had the most bizarre lightning and thunder display last night. It was all around us for hours. Most of the lightning never reached the ground. But it went on for 4 hours! Finally got rain and it rained off and on all night.


Prayers for your mom @rodri59. These times are so difficult. Sending prayers for strength for you too.


Purple Kush but I also work in a job which is smoke friendly so being a little high is excepted and I have been doing it long enough that my job is second nature to me no thought required. I could be fried out of my mind and still work my PK is likely the highest CBD strain in my collection atm until my White widow is ready to flower which will be well into winter :wink: any other CBD strain I choose to grow in the future would also take me months to harvest so I work with what I have and no huge rush for me to trade with local growers if I can avoid it.


I understand what you are going through, I think. My mom had been suffering from emphazima and a bunch of other stuff. She was in the hospital waiting to have more useless tests and treatments done and finally she just wrote a note to my dad: “let me go”. And he did. Stay strong and keep the good memories alive.


Good morning all gardener’s,
Rough morning, slept thru the alarm due to 2
Benadryl that puts me into a sleepy coma , almost didn’t wake up to get my son off to school. Was donut shop breakdfast mornin for him so I’m sure he was fine. Was a cool crisp morning here. In the mid 50’s.
@Willd Looking sharp! I bet that cool breeze feels great behind the ears. Weather is awesome lately. Being a military brat I was at the barbershop on base every other Saturday getting the “buzz cut”. After my dad retired I told myself unless you are going to cosplay as Ripley from Aliens™ I was going to keep it longer.


Thanks… @Donaldj

You’re a lucky man to have a “smoke friendly” job… It’s rare…

If what you have and will have in a few months is doing the job for now , hey, why look else where… :wink:

I was given a bunch of regular seeds called Freedom Dream CBD and suppose to give little THC and between 8 to 12 % of CBD…, I am eager until I move to be able to grow again and try those :wink::grinning:… I still have some Amnesia Haze and Big Bud seeds waiting to be soak… Those have to wait too…

Until then, I still have some Chocolope from my last grow (around a half of a pound) and since I have my medical card for possession and consumption, I complete my needs with Tweed :wink:, however, it’s more costly than home growing, even with the compassionate price I was granted… And less fun…


What part of heaven do you live in?


Do you vape the cbd strains for pain? My wife takes cbd oil but it’s pretty expensive. Not that she would be allowed to vape in front of her students in school…“excuse me, class, whilst I vape me a bit to get rid of the migraine you’ve given me.” Although it might be nice during the day to smoke and not have pain but not be too blasted to function too.


Absolutely, @DieHigh55… It work faster… I take my CBD oil orally and make a vape session with my CBD MediHaze and here I’m go to go for 5 to 6 hours…:laughing::wink: I make cannabutter and oil infusion with it too… question to not having to revape later on or give an extra boost :wink:

So, a little vape, a muffin and a couple of drop of CBD oil and “voilà” :wink::grinning: And why not a little vape session later on… discrètement :laughing::grinning::wink::grinning:

Ôoo, and say “Hi” “Bonjour” “Allô” to your wife and that I am with her and perfectly understand what she is going through :innocent: :v:


ok hockey people. I just got a notice about an auction property in Trenton and get on the google earth to check it out

It abuts the hancock county airport. so yeah not bloody likely I’d ever be interested but check out the “Go BRUINS” mow job right behind it


Whaaaaatttttthhhhhhh ! !!! :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:?

Lol :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink: :innocent: :v:


Love it @Willd. That’s awesome.


Still not a legal eagle myself so not likely to go to dispensory the only people I supply for are older or in my age bracket not a business for me in any real way enough to cover expense and add the odd upgrade. Local dealers would hate to know how little I sell oz for and they get none of my product :wink: I harvest 5-7oz a month or every 6 weeks depending on strain grow 3 light rotation small so if I got pinched would be minor. Second generation grower so been through a few raids get a good laugh when my Dad comes to visit since we can sit and talk shop.
I have been looking at investing in closed loop extractor but would be more for a select few clients than myself who mainly partakes to sleep also with how legalization laws are bound to play out with government wanting to regulate like liquor used to be I don’t expect to lose any clients soon with thc limits taxation and government growers and regulation. Already seeing ripples in the system from private to government seed distributors getting shut down dispensaries raided and closed. So I know well enough it won’t be some golden day for everyone when they do legalize more like a boom in blackmarket a spike in power costs and chaos :wink: There are many people in Canada figure woohoo will be able to grow my own not knowing the rules which will be in place no minors in residence special insurance rates security requirements list goes on. Will be much like firearms registration act yes you can own a riffle if it is in a safe in sealed room with steel door 2 locks and trigger lock ammo is stored in separate safe. The only people likely to be allowed to grow will need to live on gated compound with 3 locked doors alarm system and submit to inspections as requested lmao.