Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


So beautiful in Western MA this morning. I have a yard full of dogs and a head full of stinky ww flowers.



good morning garden growers…with the storms and fires affecting the USA and Canada, I forgot today’s date, 9/11…no matter what we do to ourselves it can’t compare to natural disasters.

it’s gonna be warm today, 80F here…I’m putting winter thoughts away for a few more weeks at least :wink: , it’ll be cold soon enough
@Capt_Seeweed, GRATZ on the grand daughter christening, lots of fun ahead
@Willd, scary looking
@Screwauger nice looking garden
@Countryboyjvd1971 woo hoo ™ another light!!
hello, @Niala @DieHigh55 @bob31 @Smokin_ernie
@Zombo @Lia


I can’t seem to have enough of them @kabongster hahaha
Actually I’m going to enlarge my grow room so I will me a little more than currently available :+1:
But that’s a good thing buddy more light more plants more buds to smoke eat and press hahahahhaha
Happy growing brother :v:️ CB
@Niala I agree that it can wait a bit but not sure it’s going to this has been a strange year for sure hahahha


don’t forget the skills you had and the ones you have honed growing some great looking plants!


I didn’t forget. Probably explains my somewhat less than enthusiastic mood today. Always get a bit sick to my stomach around this time every year.


@bob31 so do I brother
We should take a moment to remember all out brothers and sisters who gave all for us
:v:️ CB


On the other hand, it’s my daughter in law’s birthday today, they’re getting a nice surprise in December :blush:


@DieHigh55 I don’t know what you withdraw but “likes” it anyway… lol :wink: :sweat_smile: :joy: :grinning: :innocent:


certainly. I was thinking the same thing…

Fox News is running a short special right now. Very hard to watch even 16 years later!


I can’t listen to the names being called out @bob31 it breaks my heart all over
Being in NYC doesn’t help much either
Any way bro :v:


You’re too late


Naaah, I was faster this time, mon ami :wink::grinning:


Merde! The gif was supposed to open. Im a neanderthal with a computer.


Good morning everyone. I’m glad most had great weekends.
I’m still waiting for some family members to check in and they’re the ones who evacuated to Georgia. The ones who stayed are good.
Please keep praying for all those affected by Harvey and Irma.
Have a great Smokn day IMG_0569


You can count on me, those évents and for the 9/11 commémoration , :pray::innocent:


Finally feel half mobile today and windy af out with rain coming so yet another day off :frowning:


Well I expect power outages today with the wind so won’t be far from home found a hermi nanner bud on my BB lastnight so she is likely going under my scissors today after I get running around done she was ready but another week would’ve been nice


Grrrrrrr nanners @Donaldj
Timber :+1::cowboy_hat_face:


Good to ear, brother , hope that you’ll regain all of it :slight_smile:


Lmao she is ready was just waiting for more amber and my dad had mentioned the strain tended to hermi if left too long in flower I may just prune tops and let her continue a bit longer? Lmao when you know it likes to hermi it’s half the battle about 10% amber works for me too