Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Good morning all have lots of reading to do took weekend off since I was more focused on the storm and my parents who where in SW Florida so thank god storm wasn’t as bad as they predicted and all is well for the most part with my folks othes in the area have much bigger problems then them so prayers are still going out to all in that area
Happy growing all :v::cowboy_hat_face: CB
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Glad to hear your folks are good. My sister in St Pete justtexted me they are all good and my daughter in Jacksonville is riding out the wind right now but nothing compared to what it could have been. Thank goodness!! Have a good one @Countryboyjvd1971


@Screwauger that’s awesome all are good
At one point in the weather maps they had a arrow pointing where it was going to make landfall and it looked like it was point to moms address hahahaha
But yeah it could have be a whole different situation it storm didn’t drop down it a 3 when it landed
Hey heard back from galaxy hydro as well getting 800 w cob for 189 :+1: With the discount I arranged with miss Max thanks brother


All sounds well in the world and in the morning garden. I’m running a tad late. Spent the past couple of hours trying to find my HAIR…

Good Monday to @Niala @Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @bob31 @Hogmaster @Capt_Seeweed @DieHigh55 @kabongster @daz49


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Back atcha man. Looking forward to turning the next meeting of the minds into a “meeting of the mindless” with the help of copious amounts of herb. :rofl:


Sorry, friend, but that’s NOT how you’re gonna get accepted to the Marines.


Hahaha that’s too funny @DieHigh55
@Willd looking good buddy


Good morning brother @Willd, heard you met @Screwauger… Did you sample the power hitter with him ?.. Lol… He may have not been able to drive home after that contraption… Lol


What if I throw in a 5 gallon bucket of cured buds?
Sargeant Stoner
They day I learned Air Force cadets aren’t allowed to use weed because of some policy, I decided I would never become an astronaut and abandoned any ambition of serving in any branch of the military.

I’m fine being a garden variety civilian Space Cadet


You can join my Army for that @Willd haha


Good morning garden !!!:grinning:

It’s 5°celsius (41°farhenheit) in Southern Québec right now, we had a heavy morning dew earlier and now it’s a clear blue sky, horizon to horizon , it’s gone a be a magnificient day, it’s suppose to go near the mid 20’ (+/- 77)…

Have a good one every one :laughing::wink::grinning::+1::ok_hand::sun_with_face:

@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Willd @Screwauger @BIGE @Nug-bug @Hogmaster @Donaldj @kabongster @Capt_Seeweed and @ every one else :wink::grinning:


I learned about haircuts in Maine the day I came here to close on my home purchase in Oct 2011.
I stopped at the Ridgetop diner on the way and observed the locals. I was in need of a trim at the time and noticed a neat “do” on an older guy who appeared to be a yankee farmer, so I complimented his on his nice haircut and inquired as to the location of the Barber Shop.
“Ain’t none right around heah. Motha… keeps the clippahs… in th’ cubbahhd”

I about fell off my stool at the counter and stopped and purchased a set of clippers on my way home from the closing and haven’t been to a barber since. It still makes me laugh good and long whenever I retell this story.


It was chilly by me as well @Niala about 48 f when I left this morning woohoo winter is coming hahaha


I had the same experience when I moved to Maine in 1999. I bought a pair of clippers and have not been to a barber in 18 yrs. of course I wasn’t about to supplement a barbers retirement with my folically challenged cranium.


Lol @Willd, we have the same haircut, Hihi sir

giphy (1)


@Countryboyjvd1971 Woohoo winter is coming… Wait a minute… Naaah!!! It can wait a bit, lol :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink:,

Wait, On an other side that mean that’s the year is praticly over and this 2017 that wasn’t so great with me is over. … Woohoo :tada:, lol :wink: :innocent:


I concur. I concur.


I saw a guy wearing a parka here last week! We are definitely on the wrong side of summer!

52 here this morning, so not so bad!

Everyone have a great day!

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I really wish we could have 5 more tags…


Good morning @Willd nice crisp summer/fall morning. Loving this weather. Have a fantastic day everyone! @Screwauger @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @daz49 @North_East_Newbie