Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


I’m in the same boat, @AnneBonny, so, :+1::ok_hand::heart::wink::innocent:, good morning


Happy Sunday @AnneBonny and all the awesome Peeps and growers!


Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: @DieHigh55 not at all jerk from Belgium :belgium:, i unfortunately get a little playful and sometimes I just can’t say no to a “dare” of sorts :joy:.


I’m trying to get my younger brother to do a thread on the site, been working on him a while, if he only checked the site out he’d be hooked like me


This has been my ring tone on my phone for ever hahaha!

Good morning garden! @daz49, @Willd, @Screwauger, @TxGrowman I agree on the looters! @FloridaSon, good luck with the storm and look at a 300 Blackout upper for that AR-serious piece of ordinance! @Countryboyjvd1971 too good morning as well as @Lia and @AnneBonny and @rodri59.

Been chasing the elusive mule deer hard. Seen some nice bucks and got a shot yesterday with the muzzleloader (a miss) at 175 yards. Having fun but sore from hiking lol. It’s interesting that much of our best hunting is done within sight of the ocean on sand dunes!


I have quite a few family members in Florida and told them to stay safe and to get a picture of someone playing the game of Twister during a Hurricane. I was only kidding but here’s my Aunt and Uncle playing one more game.


good “morning” forum folks…yawn…the wedding is history, it was very colorful at a carousel museum that had a small working carousel with horses and spinning cups…the ride should have a name-The Vomit Comet-until the spinning cups are immobilized, the effects were the same for the little kids and the drinking adults that sat in it and spun around…the bridesmaids light blue dresses matched the pastel green colors of their faces!!
it’s been a real lazy day, got up and drove 40 minutes each way to feed and let my son’s dogs out…did some yard work and lots of sitting and toking…


I have some friends in Thompson, CT who are pros at it and sell them out of their seasonal off grid garden shop along with veggies and consignment all natural goods like Honey, glycerin soap and handicrafts


Afternoon all, finished all my chores and I’m pooped.
@Willd @bob31 @Zombo

During my many breaks, stacking wood, I played around with the camera phone. What do you think?

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly


That’s cool @DoomSack… Bob’s gonna like that a bunch @bob31


Priceless @DoomSack


Well done @DoomSack and @Zombo you are correct! :grin::+1::football::palm_tree::v: :us:

Busy watching football but big fan of Eastwood. The G the B and the U is a classic.


Clint flicks are awesome for sure, I’m a fan as well… It seems that @DoomSack in pic one has a handkerchief across his face, bandito style… I may be imagining this… Lol and a poncho? Lol


I think he inhaled those peppers @Zombo @DoomSack hahaha


The first pic honestly the wind blew my collar up just as I snapped the pic lol. But it turned out to be a pretty cool looking garment flaw :joy:


I really can’t get enough of those :hot_pepper:’s. I nose what I like…


Outta likes but very :sunglasses: cool :sunglasses: :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Wow what a weekend…new computer to set up…a real pain…christening for grand daughter was awesome…small gathering after was nice…hope everyone is well…just couldn’t stay away…lol :cake:


Good morning everyone…cool start here on the cape…warmer weather is coming though…it will take some reading to get caught up around here…have a great day!


Good Morning ILGM"rs

Like @Capt_Seeweed noted, quite a cool morning in New England…I don’t mind and this weeks highs/lows look perfect for bud stacking!

Had a great weekend, Got to meet @Willd, what a treat!! Great Guy, we had a good time and I Look forward to a lasting friendship, thanks Will.

Hope everyone is doing well and your gardens are prolific!! Have a good day folks.

@Rugar89 @bob31 @BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 @Smokin_ernie @Niala @Patsbasement @ntmaremach