Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued


Well we made 10000 and it is now locked! Now we start here

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Thoughts from the Morning Garden
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Seems a silly rule but hey, whatever. Thanks for starting a new one!!


carry on brother bob! part 2 a new beginning!


Yes, but there is probably a good reason!

Gotta get everyone tagged over, LOL Absolutely @BIGE

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Sweet we get to start it, @DoomSack did you decarbonise for making your butter, I have all the stuff coming and should be making mine Friday, I’m looking forward to it


@bob31 congrats on blowing up the first 10k.
@daz49 I did not decarb intentionally. , the crockpot may not have gotten to those temps, temps sat at 210 degrees consistently through out the 48 hrs of cooking. The mix was exclusively white widow trim and buds.


Congrats @bob31 I had company “stop by” and got pulled away, yipee, That should get you rocketed to trust level 5 don’t cha think?


This must be a new record!
10000! Must pay homage to the man, the myth, legend. The man who started it all @bob31!!!


Great my friend, I’m using gold leaf trim and branches and stem and small buds all dried and cut really small and I’m going to decarb in my new decarbonising machine ,so I’m looking forward to that to and I guess I won’t grind it down any further then


I should get a new badge or something ! LOL


Thanks for the tag…


great thread bob! you are a gem in this community man,i’m glad to know ya!
even though you like the pats!


@daz49 ,I used two cups of water and I did decarb first. Hope this helps


Thanks brother, how are you doing


Ditto on the decarb. Yep about squeezing out hot butter. I’m thinking of making tin foil envelope surrounding the cheesecloth then squeeze with oven mitts on mostly because I have those items :joy:


Don’t forget me @bob31. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the tag @bob31


Woo Hoo! Thoughts from the morning garden…the sequel. Awesome @bob31. I’ve changed my setting to watching.

@daz49 if you have a potato ricer that works great to squeeze the cheese cloth without burning your hands. But if you have the Magical Butter machine (I can’t remember if you have it or are getting it) it has a silacone glove that works like a charm.


Well all cooked and portion out to what I need for my cooking

making some brownies will let you all know how they turn out, I’ve got a very nice buzz on ATM just from licking the beaters and bowl.brownies all baked ,just needs to cool.


It’s probably a database limitation.