Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


We do but only because Tom Brady said he is busy Sunday
Ha ha ha


good one! :rofl:


I forgot to post it earlier but my MB2 machine got here today… but it’s my Christmas present so no opening it lol.


Wow. Send those workers to Maine!


Hope everyone is having a good time! TGIF


Good Friday morning to you as well and the rest of the garden. Super happy today is Friday even better when I am out for the day from work. Keep token!


Smokin Saturday! Hope everyone is having a good time.
I’m vaping dabs again. Surprise, surprise!
Making a turkey overnight tonight in a big roasting pan on top of the wood stove. Trimming up a barrel of assorted secondary harvest that’s been neglected since late October. Then sifting the keif out with dry ice.


Sounds like an awesome weekend enjoy :wink:


Morning @Willd @Smokin_ernie

Doing some amazon shopping and getting ripped on coffee and pineapple haze.
I really wish the people I am around could/would take a more laid back approach to the Holidays.
I watch my partner create and wallow in stress over stuff I can’t find the time to be stressed about.
Then we argue because I am not stressed out cuase I guess, I should be hahaha

I like Willd and Mrs Willd’s approach to this time of year but, I met a family online, that really cannot fathom that there are other ways of doing it than their way. It is frustrating and unnecessary yet, an annual “ritual” I detest.

I dared suggest that a gift card to my distant daughter and grandsons with a note, “get them something they need” would cause not a ripple in my universe. My GF will not have it and insists on picking out cheap china crap and other useful (if not already owned which we don’t know) crap that will likely end up in a heap and touched twice. Oh well.


This buds for you.


thanks brother! Happy growing, smokin’, & tokin’


Good morning gardeners and stoners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,it’s very grey and wet and rainy outside today,finally got my car back yesterday with a nice £450 bill,but it’s done now and Christmas cards have been sent out,still not sleeping well,girls are doing well and the dogs are fine,have a great weekend everyone

@Willd. @Zombo. @Screwauger

@DoobieNoobie. @DoomSack

@Smokin_ernie. @peachfuzz. @Coltfire

@Countryboyjvd1971. @Hogmaster


Car repairs stink. I’m sorry you didn’t sleep well. Maybe tonight will be better.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Atlanta United for the MLS Cup victory!!!


Super smokin Sunday!
Is it just me or does the space time continuum accelerate from quitting time Friday until bedtime on Sunday?
A couple nice foggers from the Storm pen and now I am toasted as our turkey is roasted!


It’s not you Brother. Time flies when we’re having fun (spelled baking). That’s why start hitting the THC so early, times a wasting!!

Taxi time, gotta take El over to Nat’s then I am off to the Wally for some staples. Beat the crowds!!

First, Pineapple for breakfast!!

Must smell some kinda awesome in the Homestead this a.m. @Willd “Thomas goes to the woodstove.”


Good morning gardeners and stoners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,it’s cold and wet here but blue skies,I hope you’re all having a great weekend

@Willd. @Zombo. @Screwauger

@DoobieNoobie. @DoomSack. @Coltfire

@Capt_Seeweed. @Countryboyjvd1971. @BIGE


You as well @daz49


I take it Bob is no longer with us? I’m guessing he’s in heaven now or hes 88 years old? Don’t care. Still miss him.



No no no, we know nothing more than for personal reasons he had to drop the forum. I miss him too but I do not think anything happened to him other than family issues relating to the amount of time the mentor position was taking. Even that is pure speculation. But last I knew he was fine, just not an ILGM participant and that happened fairly abruptly.