Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


I have that happen sometime too, not a real issue though. Actually it works for me.LOL




and look at us now, LOL actually sounds pretty good, I `m not much on alcohol… but yeah!


Where is everyone? I usually don’t have a lot to say, but I always come here and see how everyone is doing. I hope everyone is feeling good, well medicated, and at peace. :v:


Hey Hey Hey it`s Fat Albert… not really, just me. How ya doing?


Fking horrible, if I’m being honest. I’m having a pretty rough day. But, I’ve made it this far, might as well just keep on going. I miss my garden and everything that comes with it, not just the harvest. It keeps me gainfully occupied, feeling productive and active, and it saves money. I have to get it going again. How about you, @Holmes? How are you doing?


Hey hey @elheffe702

I am working like a dog and generally in good health and spirits. Sorry to learn you’re struggling.
All in all, doing okay and def staying medicated. Staying blasted is a better description.
Got a train wreck and a Mazar auto growing so I am keeping busy on the grow front also.
Hang in there Buddy.


@elheffe702 I am just getting off work ,why it took so long to get back. Sorry your having a bad day man. I leave here I will be home in 10 or 15 and we can burn one!


Thanks, bro. I’ve been busy, myself. Sorry I missed you!


Smokin’ Tokin’ Tuesday is here again
I’m getting a little impatient trying to find the right cartridge for my home made vape oil.
I’m hoping to visit a couple of “local” vape shops this morning before work to try to pick up a couple of the styles I ordered on eBay & Amazon that are apparently coming via slow boat from the Far East.
In the meantime we’ve got a Storm and heavy fog advisory in my kitchen.

See if you can match the hit above to the corresponding pic below.
Ha ha ha

I hope everybody is having a good time


Good morning gang!
Just started a new grow of 6 plants.
Still trimming my last harvest.
Waiting for this storm to hit, they’ve already announced early release for the kids from school today. With any luck, my boys will have the driveway shoveled by the time I get home! (Not holding my breath on that. Lol)

I like games @Willd!
Too to middle
Middle to bottom
Bottom to top?

Hope everyone is feeling fine today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


#1 exhale is #3 inhale
2 is 1
3 is 2


Gon be trowin snow Mon!!!


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s another grey day here,not raining yet but more forecast,gotta go pick up my prescription today, @elheffe702. I hope you feel better soon, well I’m not having as much luck with my seeds lately, I have lost 2 seedlings,1 blueberry and one lemon cake,1 lemon cake left growing,so I dropped 2 gold leaf and a Durban poison,none of those came up,I’ve put in another 4 lemon cake seeds and my brother is supposed to be bringing me a clone end of February, I hope they all start picking up , it could be because its been really cold, hopefully as it gets warmer they’ll do better,I hope you all have a great day

@Willd. @Zombo
@Screwauger. @ntmaremach
@DoobieNoobie. @Coltfire
@TxGrowman. @Myfriendis410


Well hello to the group again . I have been kind of out of touch for a while with a series of lifes little curve balls it tosses at us all eventually . Hope everyone is doing good and loving the new year so far .
Do any of the group use the table top vaporizer brand Arizer E-Q ? I have been wanti g to try a vaporizer for a long time but they are expensive . With my last health snag I need to figure out a better way to do this . So after spending all night looking at reviews and comparison videos I ordered a Arizer eq from Amazon to be delivered tomorrow . The price was good also and it is the real model not a knock off if anyone else has been considering a desktop vape this was under $120 and almost all the reviews compare it as close to the Volcano .
Has any one used this brand ? @Hogmaster @Screwauger @Myfriendis410 @AnneBonny @Willd @TxGrowman


Good morning y’all. I’m feeling a little bit better this morning. I think. I haven’t been sleeping much lately, nightmares, sweats, just hell. I’m still here though. I hope everyone is well. :v:


@Oldstoner I have the EQ and love it. Great quality vape for the price. I’ve never tried the volcano so I cannot compare but it does the job fore me. I think you will be very happy with it.


That’s kinda neat @Oldstoner
BTW good to see ya Brother.

I was looking at the arizer EQ last evening. I don’t want to share that it was quite a bit cheaper but now you make me wonder, was it a knock off??

Anyway, someone on this board maybe bought one a year or so ago and initially was giving play by play updates of it’s use.

@HJL how long have you had yours and do you find it needs a lot of cleaning?
You use mostly flower in it? Thanks.


I have a old Volcano I probably haven’t used it in five or six years it worked great though ! @Oldstoner Good seeing you around again buddy hope all is well


@Screwauger I’ve had mine for 2 years now and only use flower in it. Not hard to clean with just flower.


Good morning guys and gals!
The little snow storm came and went leaving a slushy mess. Supposed to be 40° today though!
Waiting for my harvest to cure before sampling some Bruce Banner. Patience is a virtue…:sweat_smile:

Hope you all have the best day possible.