Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Morning Gang!!

Windy out there and cold. Good day to be inside playing with cannabis.
Have Fun and stay baked.


It’s no wonder Zeppelin got booed off the stage after this AMAZING trio opened for them
OMG another of the most underrated ROCK bands of our generation

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I find you need to drop down a line from text (add a spaced line) and the thumbnail will show usually

Always love GFR


wtf lol eh gremlins


Mornin all hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


I took this picture last night. I’ve cut off quite a few lower branches after putting into flower. I’ll have to keep all these buds separate to see if there’s a difference.


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s another grey, wet and windy day here,I’ve cut and trimmed 2 and half plants,just half a plant left today,its really taking it out of me but I had to hurry as the 2 I had drying in the tent dried really quickly and they had the biggest cola’s to,so I plant is in jars already with boveda packs, I hope some moisture goes back into it,so gotta finish the last plant today,have a great weekend everyone

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In honor of today being National Pizza Day I made a couple of hamburg and onion pizza’s. I started making my own pizza years ago because you just can’t buy a pizza made with Multi-grain dough. I add my own spices and I have to say this is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.


Wow that looks delicious! :drooling_face: Now I’m hungry LOL


Pot and Pizza and beer it doesn’t get much better. lol


You aren’t even kidding there! Sounds like you’re set :wink:


I’m drooling over here!


Now you tell me I could have had it better after all these years. I bet it can only get better by a little bit though? LOL. Dang @ntmaremach s pizza has given me the munchies too. I love this place!


I just brought the second pizza to my sister’s house. My Mother lives with my two sisters but only my sisters will be doing any smoking.


Shoot, you deliver, too?! :joy: :+1:


One of my sisters is a nurse and the other a special needs teacher. Both of them serve people all the time so I have to be the one to deliver. lol


Nothing like family, plus it sounds like they deserve some special attention. Way to go @ntmaremach.


Smokin’ Tokin’ Sunday is upon us once again!

I’m still testing these type cartridge which is why it looks empty.


And the winner is… what we are smoking right now. Me…Blackberry OG

Hope every one is safe, warm, fed, loved, stoned and happy!


This poor early sample just happened to fall off the plant. :wink: I can’t wait for it to dry enough to sample. I have one more week of nutes for the two Banana Kush girls and then a flush. Now to go take a close look at the trichomes.