Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


I didn’t really get started till I was 16 since I was raised to believe that cannabis leads to bigger and badder drugs and you’d become a druggy,so we all got into the demon booze instead lol,but after getting stoned the first time I became what I like to call a dedicated stoner and all my mates were to,we got mashed,did all the festivals and clubs and raves and beach and house parties,had families and jobs and normal but arse kicking lives,no one became a junkie,most of us don’t talk anymore but that’s more to do with relationships fricking up more than anything else ,memories a lol I’ve just found in my experience most people will let you down,lie,cheat,get jealous of what you have and even steal from you,so for the most part enjoy what you want from people knowing all that,omg I sound like a manic depressive,I’m not I just prefer animals to people,not the people on here though,everyone here is great


You fairly well describe my life @daz49
I don’t see any of my old buddies much either, mostly because of relationships mucking things up lol.
Most of my old buddies stayed pretty much in favor of the booze with an occasional toke and I went the other way, occasional booze and constant marijuana. Many had the nerve to judge that but hey, I have no truoble recalling where I was last evening.

This site is great for the Brother/Sisterhood of bringing folks like us together who may or may not have been somewhat outcasted for our habits, yet there are many of us with similar loves and experiences. Smoke on brothers and sisters (or eat or vape or do enemas if they work) and stay stoned for life!!


I forgot to mention, ho-lee smoke @ntmaremach she’s a contender Brother. Gorgeous photo of a beauty of a cola!! Once again, looks to be out of a hightimes mag or the Marijuana Story Book.


You’re not wrong there brother, I had to rebuild my life so many times and it’s not like I ever felt the need to fit in to their world,they just kept friggin invading mine and taking it away,even one of my sisters outcast me and said I’d be a druggy and now uses cbd oil for her hands and is an constant prescription drugs lol, my life now is great,there’s just 2 of us in the middle of knowhere and I see and connect with what family and friends I want and the group and that’s it and your right again I do feel like I’ve found a brother hood where I fit in


Will and I share that sentiment. The kinship of knowing it isn’t just me that maintains a good job, decent relationships and a fairly stable life while smoking weed every two hours I’m awake!! He first raised the topic and he was 100% correct. To know he’s over there toiling away mixing vape potions and pressing buds; I’m over here growing them and tweaking my grow and components to grow the best smoke I possibly can. And we are normal.

The only thing I am missing which you both have is that luxury of being outside the populace and having room to move without notice is awesome. Something Ive always wanted but at 58, not sure I will ever achieve. I had it briefly as a single guy but I need companionship hahaha so I met this very lovely lady who happened to live in a city, yuk. We may have it some day!! Goals are good.

Hope you get a good nights rest my friend. I have been doing dabs of blueberry auto rosin for about two hours and I am hemorrhaging from my eyeballs


@Screwauger I share my cottage with my younger sister,she’s 10 years younger than me and she’s my paid carer oh and she doesn’t smoke it,did for a while but not anymore, so just us 2,4 dogs,a cat and 2 snakes,most of my friends and family don’t know that I grow,but of the few that do most are family,glad you’re getting mashed my brother,you have a great night to


Happy ILGM anniversary, Darren! My how you’ve grown! Congrats! :confetti_ball::balloon::tada::champagne:


Wacky Weed Wednesday is upon us again!

I got sick of eating my beard so I gave it a trim.
I hope everyone is having a good time


Hump Day is upon us yet again!!

I Like It.

Week is flying by and this purp haze is the tastiest breakfast food I know!!

Great trim job @Willd

Peace folks and have a great time!!


Mornin all happy cake day @daz49


Happy Happy @daz49… your like the Tom Jones of weed around here, way to go brother! Have an awesomely awesome day of awesomeness…lol


Happy days @daz49 enjoy!

Good morning been in the back ground for a while just seeing how things are going on around here. Been keeping busy with a new grow and harvesting my last grow. I have noticed that my next challenge is to get a drying room or use the tent I have. There is a fair amount of work that would need to be done before it could happen so right now it is a dream. I only need to deal with the drying rack in my way for about a week.

I couldn’t be happier how the harvest came out. Things are still curing but most of it is smokable and just gets better with time. Had some blackberry kush and some chocolope joints this morning and yummy. Set the day right!

Have a great day everyone!


Good morning gardeners and stoners and my friends, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, thanks everyone I’m going to try and get some better bud pictures later,I’m going to try in natural light and see if I can get a better focus,glad to hear your all doing well today and either growing or harvesting,all of you that have joined me on my journey so far thanks so much for all your help and for everyones friendship,have a great day everyone

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@Willd. @Zombo


Happy 2nd. Anniversary @daz49 Happy Harvesting too.


Thanks @ntmaremach brother,it doesn’t feel that long I’ve got to say,in the growing cycle you just get so carried away you don’t realise the time,but I have made a lot of great friends and I know I have grown with everyones help, I just hope I have helped other people along the way to


Happy anniversary daz


Happy anniversary, @daz49


Happy ILGM Anniversary @daz49

Two years!! Nice.


Thanks everyone for your kind wishes on my 2nd anniversary,and after 2 years you can grow weed like this brothers and sisters

With help from everyone in this group,great group and great friends


Beautiful buds!
Congrats on your anniversary!