Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Until I took a little break from using it I hadn’t realized how much of the analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory properties I am benefiting from.
I used to think it was all just for my head and my psyche but it also provides physical comfort I didn’t really become aware of until more recently.
I’ve been using cannabis regularly since age 15. My birthday in March will mark 40 years of life as a pothead.
I’m a pothead.


A more habitual cannabis smoker than your average stoner, a pothead cares very little about the outside world. Potheads tend to gather in groups, although they can be quite content when left on their own, as most potheads enjoy one on one time with their stash.

Potheads are not necessarily lazy, stupid, or unmotivated.

However, they are the ones wise enough to know that most of the sh*t that they’re “supposed to do” isn’t really that important, so they light a bowl instead.

Right under loving my wife, family, & friends, and making sure we have food, clothing, and shelter comes Weed.


I’m a pothead

I passed that 40 year mark 2 years ago hahahaha

Morning Willd and @GreenCoat

Currently, purple haze makes the days so much more productive and enjoyable.

Have a great Day folks!


A candid of a calyx from @Screwauger’s Purple Haze.


Smothered and covered. Just like I prefer my freedom Fries!!!

And just because, a bong hit of the purple before I go start the suv.

say it ain’t so, I thought I saw a bigE!!!


‘‘chronic user here’’ lol
i remember getting a contact high riding to deer camp with my dad and uncle…lol
i started consuming at the age of 15 and have had very few time outs since…lol


I was a late bloomer, age 16 for me.

My best friend, George, started smoking weed at 15 and I shunned him. Started hanging with his little brother. Then a few months later I smoked a joint with some other friends. I was at George’s before school that next day. I apologized and asked if he knew where to score!!



I know I have a favorite strain, I just cant remember what it is.


hehehehehe hahahahahahaha @DieHigh55


Its very difficult to be a pothead without pot… morning @Screwauger




Good morning to all. I started smoking pot back in 1971, so…a long time ago. My parents went away for a few days and my older brother held a party. He didn’t want me to tell on him so he demanded that I smoke a joint with him. He told me the pot wasn’t very good and it wasn’t. I don’t even think I got stoned. Now not much later I did smoke some good pot for the time weed and I couldn’t stop laughing. I was hooked and never looked back. Now for the old saying I wish I knew then what I know now about growing my own


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s a grey wet day here,been coughing a lot and had my brother over and he kept asking if I’m alright when I was coughing, I don’t really think about it much but since I cough all the time with my emphysema ,its painful and unpleasant and hard but it’s also habit forming,since i do it all the time i don’t really think about it much but when it’s someone like ya brother and they ain’t used to being around it,they see it more then as an issue,even though they all know about the emphysema,strange the things you can get used to a ,well i hope you’re all fine and have a great day everyone

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I was 19 before I smoked. My mom has smoked since I was a kid and as a teen I rebelled against everything she did :roll_eyes: you know, so I wouldn’t be like her. I’ve gotten overt that nonsense :wink:


We get smarter image with age


Came across this today and thought I’d share with y’all.


It’s always been the case that I was the guy that always had a bag in my pocket. I was “chronic” from the first buzz. I worked three PT jobs in my late teens mostly to support my love of weed and because we went to bars (legal age was 18 and we all had fake ID’s) and used other snortables also. I was a classic 70’s druggie/deadhead.

Even my good friends that were chronic smokers were like, “are you never straight?” I lived with 9 other guys in a house in college. I listened to jazz and dead radio, studied constantly, smoked bongs morning, noon and nite and made the Presidents list or better every semester. My housemates would wait for me to return from a final, eager to hear I had bombed it and were continuously dumbfounded that I could ingest weed like I did and ace tests. They used to toast me at parties etc and make a big deal out of how stoned I lived my life. LOL, ahhhhh the memories.

When I was still sixteen, I would roll a huge doobie of sucky mexican (it’s what was there) and smoke the entire thing at 7:10 when my dad left for work. I would get on the bus and sit over the rear wheeels and I would run the gears with the driver, in my head, and be completely absorbed in the sound of that rhythm of shifting and the tires getting louder. Stoned out of my gourd I was, before I ever got to school. In HS we had a cig smoking area outside behind the school. There was a “monitor” and everyone smoked weed out there so it was, off the bus and out back for a tune up, then off to 1st period. Fricked up years hahahahahaha I should say the monitor would warn us when a teacher or admin was coming through the cafeteria and everyone would hide the weed and just be smoking fags.


I thought I’d share a picture just taken after the light went out. I have another two weeks or so until harvest and I can see a sample bud falling off a branch any day now. :grin:


I was in high school and looking for a bag and somehow I got hooked up with someone I barely knew. He said he had an ounce in his car. His car was locked but he told me that his drivers side rear window was off the track and you could just slide the window back and unlock the door. I did just that after paying him and left school for the day. This had to be the worst $20 I had ever spent on weed. I’m not even sure if it was pot and not just some weeds. Anyway the next day I told him I wanted my money back and he said he couldn’t he already spent the money. I remembered that he has a suitcase full of 8 track tapes and he did tell me how to break into his car. That day his car was broken into and all his tapes were stolen. WOW who could of done that. Anyway I told him I know someone selling some 8 tracks for $20 and he bought them all. lol