Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Good morning Will!
Glad to hear you’re recipe is working out.
Happy Friday everyone!


Morning Willd and TGIF is the phrase of the day.

I am not having fun but I plan to in a few hours.
Cars warming up and it 1.8° out there, yuk.

Awesome that you are making good juice. Perhaps lemon skunk is your fav?

Stay warm and keep a good buzz going. I have clinical supervision at 830 but immediately following that, I will be returning my thc to therapeutic levels!!!


Ha ha. That Lemon Skunk was just the first batch I made with real equipment and a fraction of the diluent. It tastes good & is potent but makes me cough a little.
It’s all I can do to not order more strain profiles until this batch of carts is about finished.


At least it’s warming up out there


It’s a balmy 9° down here


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s still snowing here

Last feed and 48 hours darkness from tomorrow for my girls ,have a great Friday everyone

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Morning @daz, as you get covered in snow ,i was painting ,in well the thermometer only goes to 120°f ,so not sure what the final temp was , but it was blood hot , and another day like it for next few days , we are breaking weather records left right and center .


That’s some hot stuff Coltfire, not sure I could take that. The US is breaking records in the opposite direction. It has warmed up a bit her to 19f but the is a steady stiff breeze makes it feel much colder. Bright and sunny tho so a nice day!!

Another 3 hrs and its the w-end!!!

I just picked up my GF at work, brought her home for the day, had a slice a pizza she brought and did two dabs and back to the phones.


Good morning y’all. Stay cool/warm, whichever the case where you are! My neck and back are acting up today, but I haven’t smoked yet…still working on getting moving. Coffee…check…ugh…stuck there lol

Edit: I’m just realizing it’s probably the goofy on again off again weather that’s messing me up. And Sour Banana Sherbert to the rescue! :kissing_closed_eyes: :cloud: I’ll get by…


Feb 1st and what a Goldilocks day, well week, here in Central Florida :desert_island:


WooHoo :raised_hands:t2:
Smokin’ Tokin’ Saturday!
Freezing cold out with rosin fog in!

Putting my little greenhouse back together today to kick off the 2019 grow!
I hope everyone is having a good time.


some hot stuff. end of days?
Calfornia is about to get washed into the Pacific
Bad news for growers of all crops and produce prices


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s freezing cold here with more snow forecast,my blueberry baby died,the other 2 lemon cake seem ok atm,so I popped 2 gold leaf and a Durban poison seed in early hours this morning,so fingers crossed with them,48 hours darkness starts today for my super silver haze,have a great weekend everyone

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Morning Willd. Morning Daz.

We’re putting the band back together!


Those blueberry seem to be tough to get started based on everyone here.


Thanks bro,I’ve done one before but I think maybe the cold got to it as I have the window open a bit so I have somewhere to vent the tent,but it’s gotten cold


Hey, good morningish gardeners, cooking budder today, need to find a better way than smoking the flowers.

4 sticks butter
2 spoons lecithin
2 spoons water
Quart of chopped bud&trim
Right or wrong thats the recipe i got, first time trying this.


Did you decarb the bud first? If you like the end result and you decide to make it often the magical butter machine makes it simple.


Super Smokin’ Tokin’ Super Bowl Sunday!

Guests are sleeping so I’m in headphones for a while.
I hope everyone is having a good time!
Fantastical sunrise unfolding right this minute @ 6:25 AM


Morning and Go Pats!!!

I literally gorilla glued myself to the bed last night. That stuff puts a knob on my head.

My new toy


Have fun and stay warm if you can!!