Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


At least it’s not windy


It was cool looking moon this morning!
I agree, thankful it isn’t windy…


Yes MrsWillD and I watched that silver sliver slowly climb over the southeastern tree line over coffee in the dark at 4:30 this morning, There were a couple of other stars or planets lined up in a row too. looked a little like an extraterrestrial transmitter of some kind


Are you over in Bergmans’ lab too?


I have not pulled the trigger yet on Bergman’s Lab.
Do you find it beneficial?


Yesterday it was -4* with windchill of -28*… Saturday and Sunday highs in the upper 50’s lower 60’s… I should be used to it living here all my life.


I haven’t really spent much time there since most of my history is here.

I’ve given up on any kind of commercial operation as I had first intended in 2016 so the need to privately message members to promote my ventures is non existent. IMO private messaging the only real draw of the Lab

I shut down and canceled all my cannabis based domains and web hosting this month.


I’m sorry to hear you’ve given up on commercial growing.
Your outdoor grows have always been such a inspiration for me!

I will probably just stay on this forum.
I’m comfortable with my growing habits & enjoy reading about MJ extras like making kief, pressing & you & I sharing ideas om vape juice. I feel this is where the real heart of this site is.


OH Lord! I’m still going to grow the recreational limit. Just no commercial venture. I’m just waiting for a couple of greenhouse frame connectors to arrive so I can put that thing back up and drop some beans!


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s been snowing here again and we have more on the way,my girls are still doing well,still not sleeping much but not so bad on the nasal headaches just headaches and usual pains,otherwise doing well,have a great day everyone ,oh I’ve just had a few power cuts then ,while I was writing this it went off and on like 3 times , I wonder if that’s weather related , I hope everyone is okay out there,it’s starting to look bad and we just had a call from the power company

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Good Morning to you too Darren. Raining here; looks like we are finally going to relieve the drought. Got 3" of rain forecast for the next few days.


It may seem trivial, in fact it is however; The lab forum (I am not a member of the lab modules or classes just the forum) allows you to post links of more than just amazon, any link. You can tell off color jokes or even use bad language. The PM’s are nice but there is an open public forum for trading seeds with other members. Ive made about 8 trades and I love this aspect. There have been very generous handouts of free seeds from folks who breed and iMO many other little things that make that forum more user friendly. Heck you can even post pics of seeds bought from other breeders. Just FYI


For real @Screwauger bro,how do you do that’s as I’ve never even known that aspect of the site, I didn’t think we could even personal message each other


Some perks @Screwauger brings up which I failed to mention.

I have happened upon some good off color jokes and some posts with foul language in general and lots and lots of people willing to trade seeds! Even links to sites other than
I guess the real reason I don’t visit is because it’s hard enough for me to keep up on 1 ILGM forum


How do you become a member of the other forum?


The lab is a paid for forum. They do a special every so often for the forum only for $25 but usually you have to buy the grow course which is like $140 to get it. I can give you a link if you’re interested.


Good morning everyone. I hope you’re all well and your buds swell. Very slow morning here. I feel like I’m in molasses, but it’s okay. I don’t have much going on today, so it works out :+1:


I agree with Will also, that it’s very time consuming to stay up to date on both sides of ILGM.

That said, then you have to add in texts etc as many trade phone numbers and communicate outside of ILGM’s forums.

Like Doob said, it’s a pay to play side of ILGM and a bunch of us got in the last time they offered the Forum Only promo of $25. I don’t think I would ever pay for a course as there is so much help here, on the lab forum and at other sites.

The $25 is for lifetime participation I think so in that regard, what’s the big deal, right. I’ve read someone post that on the pay side, your posts are not searchable on google and the like. I don’t concern myself with that much as for now, it’s legal in Maine.


I take that back now!


Smokin’ Tokin’ Friday again!
I have to say as much as I hate the fact I ended up with a few leaky cartridges, I’m really liking the home made vape oil.

Not sure if it’s the added terps or what but this stuff gets me good & gooned with just a few puffs.

I hope everyone is having a good time