Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,split the stems last night so last week for those,it’s a bit warmer today,more blue skies than grey today,more rain and snow forecast but the rain has washed all the snow away,I hope you’re all having a great weekend

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Happy anniversary @ntmaremach


@Screwauger left me a couple jars of his BBA3, one of Purple Haze, one of the Pineapple Haze clone I gave him last spring and a packet of BBA1-2.
All I can say is THANKS!
I pressed all the BBA3. It’s incredibly delicious :drooling_face:


Glad you like it Willd.
I’ll have to squeeze some of it.

You think there would be any results from re-pressing those Purple Haze pucks? Go slower and whatever as I expect there is rosin left in them. Just a thought.

I’m gonna hold on to them for now as there is not much I can make edible wise that I am interested in.

Have a good week folks and thanks again Buddy.


Yes it could produce more. Not sure on the labor. You wouldn’t be able to make pucks out of the chips again but you could break them up and stuff into pressing bags. Up the temp and close the plates more slowly.


Just ordered some additional batteries and a charger from bay of e.
My batteries anly last about five cycles in the storm then flash (dead).
Need a few back ups.

I was curious how you would go about it (re pressing). Prob not worth it and to just do a better job going forward. Curious if my “quick” press is responsible for the crackly nature of the PH rosin or it is what it is!!! Good stuff just requires some finesse to de-vial it.

Ok Gang, full week of crap unless mother nature makes Wed so nasty that I get a day off.


I believe the results are as specific to the strain as the timing & pressure. Just not a “one size fits all” kind of thing.


You could hand crumble the flattened pucks and stuff them into a pressing bag/screen. Hardly worth the material & effort IMO since your current stash runs so deep.


Smokin Tokin Tuesday!
Cold as sin here in Maine

And foggy as heck!

I hope everyone is having a good time


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,it’s snowing here,not laying yet as it’s pretty wet,not much going on today,just keeping an eye on the girls,have a great day everyone

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@daz49 how did you go with the Pregabalin, as we are both on the same dose, i know its wiping my memory.


Hi brother,I’ve stopped taking it at the moment as they are causing really bad nasal headaches,I’m still getting them anyway but not as regular as when taking the pregablin,so just taking the tramadol,but it’s making sleeping a lot harder as they used to help me sleep and they were the best for the pain, I just didn’t like the way they made me feel,the tramadol I find less effective for the pain and they make me sick a lot so I lose weight and eat less, I have my review on 21st of February but even then it’s usually only a nurse and they ain’t allowed to change my medication so they’ll probably refer me to a doctor then


I also noticed that my instant recall is affected, but spine pain is less with pregabalin. I ended up choosing less pain, more forgetfulness


I didn’t have much luck with lyrica (pregabalin) for helping with my nerve pain. But it definitely messed with my short term memory. Gabapentin seems to help me more than the lyrica. I didn’t realize how much until I didn’t have any for 2 days. It took nearly a week to get it back to tolerable levels.


Wacky Weed Wednesday is upon us again!
Trying my oil for the first buzz of the day & patiently waiting for the results.

Ok. I have taken about 6 nice hits & now that the coughing stopped, I’m feelin’ good.

Not overly thrilled about the deep post nasal drip like cough though.
I hope everyone is having a good time!
Winter storm Jayden is clipping us so I will need to go out there after daylight and before it changes over to rain to clean it all up

A few minutes more have passed and this buzz is really developing nicely. It doesn’t look or feel like I am inhaling or exhaling much, but the next thing I know, I’ve overdone it


Morning Folks, Morning Willd.

Light fluffy snow for a change. I can live with that. Got the Misus off to work and cleaned up half the drive. Still snowing fairly heavy. Time for a third cup of joe and a few purple haze dabs before scooting down to the office to type most of the day…

Have a good day Gang and keep the dope at therapeutic levels!!


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s snowing here,been snowing all night,snow is laying and it’s all around me,now its looking bright out there with white/grey clouds and some blue skies,harvest day coming soon whoop whoop,have a great day everyone

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Good morning everyone. I hope you all have a good hump day.


Good morning @daz49 and all others who hang in the garden
Happy growing
Woohoo hump day


Thmokin Tokin Thursday!

This stuff is great but seems like it needs more flavor. Next time, I am going to use even less wax liquidizer and dilute with terps almost exclusively.
I hope everyone is having a good time!
The recipe for potent, flavorful vape pens is 5% diluent + 5-15% terpenes. Depending on the viscosity it may need to be diluted more.
This batch was 7% diluent (Wax Liquidizer) and 9% terps.
The terp blend I created was 90% limonene, and 3% each of myrcene, a-pinene, & b-caryophyllene. Tastes quite like Lemon Skunk but very subtle.


Morning Buddy!!
Long week here in the Dirty Lew, wish it was Friday.
I am having a good time though lol
Got my extra storm batteries yesterday so no more pausing the process to charge up.
Have a good day Will.