Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


I talked to my provider about that. She said to take the 3 mg now and after I started getting regular sleep, cut it back to 2mg and see if that helps. Since they have had so much trouble finding meds for me, they have me testing an Alpha Stim machine. It sends alpha brain waves to certain parts of the brain and is AMAZING in how easy it puts me to sleep. I put it on for 60 minutes the other day and I slept almost immediately!

It is supposed to be used 2-3 times a day initially and then can be tapered down to once a day or less depending on how it works for you. After using it for 60 minutes (slept 45 of those minutes) I awoke and felt great. No hangover, no depression or anxiety from it. In fact, I had NO depression and NO anxiety in the past 20 hours or so since I used it. I went outside and everything seemed clear in my mind and I actually felt rested and happy. Something I have not felt for almost a year !

Not saying it is for anyone else but I am sold on it. My wife said that she does not care about the price , “get it and I do not care about the price as long as you can sleep”.

I pick up the machine on the 29th. Am hoping I can take myself off all of those other meds. It might not be a possibility where you are but might not hurt to mention it.

Take care brother. Wish you the best in plants and health. Jerry :us: :man_farmer: :sunglasses:


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,it’s a cold,wet,very grey looking day outside today, I had another rough night with another nasty nasal about 06:00 ,and it’s not possible to sleep with one of them,I hope you’re all having a great weekend,planning on splitting the stems today on my super silver haze girls,have a great day everyone

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FYI … The price of a first class postage stamp here in the USA increases a nickel to $.55 effective Monday, January 28. That means you still have an hour to hit your local PO or visit USPS online until January 27 to stock up some new stamps at the current price.


Lock in the rate now; I did that with the Forever Stamps. In fact, I still have a book or two left.


happy anniversary @ntmaremach


Thanks @BIGE that two years went by fast. Looks like I visited 696 days out of those two years. Feels like home to me.


Happy 2yr Anniversary @ntmaremach


Thanks @Budbrother I spent a little anniversary time with the girls tonight. Hard to believe I’ve been growing now for two years.


@ntmaremach your ladies look real happy, nice job. They kinda make my mouth water a little bit… better smoke one eh?


Hey, do you read blog posts on site?


Happy Anniversary @ntmaremach


Happy Anniversary. You got the goods. No one’s gonna deny you that!


Better smoke 2 if you ask me!


Smokin Tokin Sunday.
I hope everyone is having a good time.
Had a nice visit & pressfest with @Screwauger.
He brought a huge amount of “samples” in appreciation.
Over the top but I ain’t complaining. The unit is portable so maybe next time I bring it to him instead.
He really is one helluva nice guy!!


Thanks Will, backatcha on the Super Great Guy!

I got more rosin in the vial from those few GG presses than all of the purple haze presses I did.
Stuff is fire.
I just got up at 5 let the dog out and did 2 dabs of PH, my mind is pleasantly and hopelessly confused.
Was a good time Buddy and I just have to finesses my technique! I’ve been too busy to stay up to date on the Artistry thread but that selection you played first yesterday would be REALLY good recorded whereby I could play it over and over, awesome guitar playing brother!!

I’ve got rosin for days and days and days
Blueberry Rosin
Purple Haze Rosin
Gorilla Glue Rosin
Kornucopia Keif Rosin

I was browsing presses last evening and tried to picture where or how I would secure a unit like yours??? That table was made to order. I’ll be honest, I keep putting the dabpress replaceable jug press in my cart, taking the 10% coupon off and my finger gets all sweaty and heavy over the Paypal button. LMAO

As much as I love your accommodating and generous attitude, I keep thinking I need my own toy hahaha Then I say, Screw, spend it on a quantum board cause with out ample harvests, press is not going to be of much use.

That said, I’ve got enough rosin to last till spring hahahahaha Thanks Man!!!


The press came with long bolts to secure it to a bench, but it could be clamped to a standard kitchen table.
When we did our Mid Century Modern renovation & refresh in 2016, I picked up a 4 lot of Eames Aluminum Group side tables for a song on Craigslist in Dallas, TX. A work colleague & good friend of mine down there disassembled & shipped the to me.
When I say a song I’m talking about $325 incl shipping for all 4 which is <1/2 the price of 1 on 1stdibs.


I must have F’y Uppyed the PH presses by rushing the time (or something) as it’s kind of “shatter” like and “snappy.” Use caution else a chunk goes flying to ummm someplace LOL


Finding every strain presses differently.
I wasn’t really paying attention to how quickly you were closing the plates but slower is better with this one. Juicier presses. The hydraulic and pneumatic ones might not matter as much. I try to do it at the speed the guy from Sasquash was doing it at the press demo I attended on 4/20/18.


Clearly, your method is the way to go. It’s trivial in the end, I’m very grateful and pleased to have the rosin supply!! Thanks again Mon.