Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Beautiful flower @ntmaremach


Congrats to you and your family @daz49!


Great news @daz49 have a nice day/evening!! Thanks Brother.


Morning All you Gardeners! Happy Hump Day…have a great one!!



Congrats @daz49 on there great news ,how many grand kids do you have , atm im at 22 and my two youngest haven’t started having kids yet.


Thanks brother, I have 3 sons and one daughter and 1 grandson so far,
Thanks everyone else,it’s nice to have some good news,my son and his girlfriend are going to see if they can come up soon before his surfing job starts back up in February, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,have a great day everyone

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Holy crap guys… get this. I just got served a small claims summons for $176 I owe to the local hospital for a bill from 2016 that I didn’t even know about!! :roll_eyes: Seriously, I don’t every remember getting a bill from the hospital or the credit agency. It cost them $50 to file… a stamp to send a bill or statement would have been equally effective.


I had a similar thing happen, only they claimed my address was incorrect, couldn’t send me the bill…I was getting all my other mail just fine.


I just realized it hasn’t shown up on my credit report either. I don’t doubt that I owe it but do think someone dropped the ball. If it was overlooked, why not just send a statement now? Oh well. I’m just glad it’s a small amount. Kinda freaked me a bit when there was a knock at the door… then my full name!! :no_mouth: So dramatic :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:


I’m going to see an endodontic specialist for a root canal consult next Tuesday. Get this, you pay upfront $125 then they submit a claim to your insurance and you get to cross your fingers and grab your ankles at the same time woo hoo

It’s ok. A clean nail and a fully charged battery in my dab pen will get me though this. :joy::joy:

I hope everyone is having a good time


Morning @Willd

This here be one of those mornings I wish I could just toke up clouds, but I can’t lol. So, three micro bongs will have to carry me until later.

I am still playing games with my root canal. My insurance sucks and want’s 40% oop for the RC. I am trying to find a participating endodontist so that figure can be 10%. My fully participating dentist referred me to a non participating specialist. Come to find out, there are no local participants so…

But first, we toe the line for The Man (Woman)! Peace. Out.


Flower Frying Friday!
I hope everyone is having a good time.
Fog advisory in my kitchen this morning again


Looks dense, might need to activate the fog horn!!

I’m bongin some purple haze and it just makes everything Allright!!

Have fun Willd…


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s another grey wet day here,still not sleeping well at night,nasal headaches, I have worked out the pregablin we’re making me have bad nasal headaches to but clearly not the only reason,but I do know that if I take the pregablin I will have a nasty nasal headache with in a few hours,if I don’t take them I miss out on some pain relief but I’m not definitely getting a nasal headache but still bad headaches either way,got a medication review coming up soon,have a good day everyone

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Ouch man headaches of any kind suck. I hope it’s better soon. I’m slow moving this morning but I’ve got a friend coming by this afternoon so hopefully I can get motivated by then.


Hey Brother, sorry about the headaches, my personal enemy! I have migraines about once every 3-5 years but am debilitated for a 3-4 day period. I have to be admitted for them to be treated !

My little Northern lady (Northern Lights) is growing fast. I have to get the journal started before she Flowers ! ! Am busy with PTSD work and trying to sleep. They put me on sleeping pills and made me sleep but I am groggy from them all morning. That is why I am growing the NL. Heard it is great for sleeping ! Just what the doctor ordered.

Stay safe. I will tag you on my journal. :us::man_farmer::sunglasses:


Blueberry is great with headaches. And a :sleeping: nap.


I’m growing a NL for that as well. And I can’t take the sleeping pills either for the same reason. I feel hungover half the next day when I take them.


Smokin’ Tokin’ Saturday!

Hope everyone is having a good time & that their aches and pains & any other strife subside.


You getting it nailed down this morning ? LOL. Have a good day @Willd