Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


So has anyone tried it? Sounded weird to me


It seems like I saw someone do that, maybe @Donaldj can’t remember.


I think maybe @Countryboyjvd1971 had an outdoor plant too, that the animals stripped nearly bare and he let it go and it revegged or started to regrow. I agree with @elheffe702 someone else may have done it, it’s kind of similar to monster cropping


@daz49 ive done it with two plants this season, i had a few plants turn very early on me , so when they were ready for harvest i just took the main stem with the biggest bud (14.7g) and left the rest, i lost the rest of the buds, butthe plants went back to veg and have grown heaps since i harvested them.

and now going back to bud also now a 4.5f plant instead of a 1f plant.
this one also.

Here is part of thus years grow


They are looking great brother, I have never even heard of doing this before but my young nephew is getting into growing it and told me and even though I checked it and it can be done I really didn’t think people could or were doing it


You can do twice but must take the whole plant 3rd time, it a good start on next crop and not waiting as long, it would of only been 5 weeks from when it went back to veg, and because it is already a full plant you can hit it with nutes straight away , so good hit of gigantic grow ,and away she goes, brother inlaw does it for winter grow .


This sounds really good,maybe I should try it with one of my super silver haze but I wouldn’t be able to split the stem on it,so tell me more about how you do it and how much of the plant you need to leave @Coltfire bro


Leave the 4 or 6 bottom brunches depending on how meaty they are , then cut main branch just above the beaches your leaving, fill the stem where you cut it ,with honey, and in your case turn lights back to veg ,now you can take the buds left on but they must dry on plant , thats about it,


Also once back to veg , tip as you normally would.


Cool, thanks brother I’ll get you to explain anymore on my super silver haze thread so I don’t get into trouble,the things we learn a,I’ll definitely do one of them


I think it’s worth a try you’d only be chucking the plant anyway on one of the sites I was reading it says to leave some fan leaves and some popcorn bud and that will give it enough to come back can’t speak from experience but I’m definitely going to try it out joys of starting with an experimental plant :grin:


For the pats


MDMMJ Monday

There was quite a bit more sleet & drifting after I cleaned it out before the Rams v Saints game. So I gotta go scrape it out again. My honey is off today although it’s cleared enough for her to drive out.
Pats v Rams Super Bowl sounds good to me!


Heck of a game! Good luck :four_leaf_clover: Pats!


Yessir. Buy-terpenes dot com is where I sourced the info & product.


Smokin’ Tokin Tuesday!
I hope everyone is having a good time!

Cold & windy AF out there! Warm enough in here, but the wind is kinda freaking out the dog…It occasionally makes him pant and act restless.

Certain direction & speed combinations can cause a eerie howling from the clothesline attached between the garage & the house sometimes too. That kinda freaks ME out :joy:. I don’t pant and act restless though I just vape another dab!


Having a hard time with the artistry this week. writers block like ya read about. I have 3 partial projects going in Garage Band since the 15th.
Kinda stuck on the one from the 12th in a major way. The main riff just won’t get the hell out of my head!!!

With 23 unique views in 10 days, it’s been the most viewed tune I’ve posted to YouTube to date.

On their own, none of the parts are anything special but something about the arrangement keeps me coming back for another listen. Not sure if it’s the way the bass and guitar blend, the 2 different e-pianos in stereo, the arpeggiated B3 organ part, or that crazy beat. It’s also an example new method of recording bass and rhythm guitar parts to add some variation without worrying about making mistakes that I hadn’t really used in this way before now.
I set to record in 4 or 8 bar loops and play the rhythm over and over with slight differences in the strumming pattern so it records each 4 or 8 bars as a separate “take”. Then I can copy and paste it and then select which take to use for each successive 4 or 8 bar section. If any of the takes are crap I just delete them. Kind of like like taking 10-12 pics of something with a digital camera to get a handful of good shots.


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s cold with a thick grey fog in the distance,more snow forecast,had people buzzing around all day but all gone now,now everything can settle down,had some great news from my son yesterday,his fiancée is pregnant,she lost the last one at like 3 months I think so they ain’t telling everyone just yet,just me to try to cheer me up after chaos,bless em,have a great day everyone

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Sounds like a yucky day but congrats to them on the baby. I’ll say a prayer for a safe and healthy baby for them.


Took this picture last night just after lights out. Day 22 of flower.