Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


I’ve been doing lots of trimming and got mainly big buds and cola’s left but my plans are stemsplit and flush from the 14th,which just happens to be my birthday and the start 48 hour’s darkness and stop feeding from the 21st and harvest 23rd or 24th, good luck with yours, this is my favourite time, tag me in your thread brother,I hope you’re wife gets better soon


@daz49 that hammock is awesome. Congrats on your harvest.


Day 13 for my Banana Kush and things are going very nicely. I’ll be starting some Gorilla Glue in the next couple of days. Hope everyone gardens are doing as well.


The silent expert!! Great looking garden @ntmaremach Your plants look textbook!!


Thanks, I’m limiting my grow room to only two plants now. The rooms a 5 X 10 and with three plants I struggle with having enough room with the fan and dehumidifier. This grow I added some raw silica to the mix for half the veg. cycle which is suppose to strengthen the stems. I’ve always used yoyo’s to help keep the branches up but I may not need them this grow as the stems are like they’ve been treated with Viagra. The raw silica doesn’t mix the greatest with hydro systems but it seems to have helped a lot. I think it would be great for soil growing.


EVERYTHING about your grows are enviable, Mach


Smokin’ Sunday.
Hope the Pats beat the Chargers and MrsWillD’s little case of the sniffles (read; exhaustion from being married to me) clears up.


Thanks. I’ve heard of several so so results from a couple different forum members trying to devise home made e-juice recipes. I have about a quart each of VG & PG already.

My own attempts in 2016-17 were just awful, but I wasn’t using rosin. I was making a tincture from flower in the Magical Butter Machine with VG & cutting it with PG. Weak is an understatement. More like placebo.

If all this liquidizer stuff is turns out to be is PG and terps, why, I don’t need to buy it in 15ml bottles that’s for damn sure! I like the flavors of the different strains I press rosin from so we don’t really need terps.

Since straight rosin is so delish and potent, and I have respiratory challenges of my own this is really more an experiment for my step daughter who is buying oil & e-juice carts of unknown origin and composition. I don’t encourage that if you can make your own or know someone trustworthy like a @North_East_Newbie who will. I know PG is regarded as “generally safe”, I personally don’t think I should inhale it. I don’t need to be sucking on a vape pen like an e-cig all day to maintain the same buzz I get only dabbing 4-6x a day.
If I need to be away from home longer than a dose of rosin lasts, I drop a few 000 capsules of powdered decarb’d weed.


Good morning @Willd.
I am jumping in with both feet come up with the best way to make e-juice. Trying VG, wax liquidizer & farm to vape. Also making from rosin & tincture. Many friends I know vape during the day, while at work. I agree with you that the fewer chemicals ingested to get high the better.


Morning Folks!
I logged 9 solid hours of sleep (hat tip Blueberry Auto) and I feel great this morning. No more tooth pain, no more ear pain and; I can hear much much better than before.

Everyday I wake up and realize, I cut out of sledding at the right time. This lack of snow would otherwise, have me very despondent. Too bad suckers, keep making thise sled payments while they sit on the trailer. Of course, there is riding but there have already been a bunch of accidents as it’s all consolidated and, yahoo’s will be yahoo’s.

Woke with a powerful hunger for weed and breakfast. Think I will get baked, and make a shaved steak and cheese quiche with tater tots!!

Have a good Sunday and as @Willd said, Go Patriots!!


I think we should talk. I interested in the same but you seem to have done your homework. I just got a setup and it is nice.

Being able to make the vapeable product with out blowing myself up would be best. With getting a pressing seems like the way to go. @North_East_Newbie did you get a press?


Let’s talk @Smokin_ernie.
I have a press being delivered tomorrow.
Been reading a lot about making wax & vape juice. Also been looking into cartridges.


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all having a great weekend and your grows are doing great,cold and rainy here,not sleeping much,lots of bad headaches and lung pains,trying to make the most of it as its my 51st birthday tomorrow,nothing planned apart from stem splitting my girls,have a great day everyone

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@elheffe702. @DoobieNoobie
@DoomSack. @Hogmaster
@TxGrowman. @Smokin_ernie


Happy tomorrow birthday @daz49 hope you get to feeling better buddy


Sorry you’re not feeling well @daz49 I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts that you’ll feel better soon. Happy birthday early and congrats on being in the home stretch for harvest. I can’t wait to see the final pics of your lovely ladies.


@daz49 so your bday is the 14th, its my daughter’s 21st , today being the 14th here. Happy birthday brother for tomorrow.


Happy Birthday brother @daz49!:balloon:


Happy birthday @daz49 :cake::cake:


MMJ Monday
So Verizon has decided that it’s OK to bombard us with ads for their 5G network, but leave out all the insidious and harmful repercussions.
And that’s not all!

I hate to be the naysayer and to be so critical of today’s “society” all the damn time, but I have a personal responsibility to my fellow man to help them get their heads out of the sand.

Exposure to 5G wavelengths is harmful to all living creatures.
“But my smart fridge”…”but Alexa”… “but Echo”… “but Siri”

If you’ve gotten to a point where you’re relying on an app to tell you what’s in your refrigerator, you don’t deserve to eat. If you’re asking Siri ANYTHING instead of getting results from outside her bubble you don’t deserve truth.

Lane departure warning’s in cars?! They’re saving the wrong lives. If you’re so distracted or such a lousy driver that you can’t keep your car in the lane, you don’t even deserve to drive.

For the record ignorance is NOT bliss. TODAY, ignorance is a five fold increase in your likelihood of developing cancerous tumors in your brain and pelvis as a result of EMF exposure from “smart” phones and the ever growing “Internet of Things”.

There are far too many resources exposing these dangers for me to start listing them now.

Please take 5 minutes today to search against the term the dangers of 5G on any search engine other than the “Empire Approved” Google. And then throw that thing in the goddamned garbage can.

Visit the World Health Organization website & poke around there some.
You’ll want to throw your cell phone away.

5G! The saccharine of mobile networks. Get it now! Why prolong life?

Granted it’s a much lengthier and drawn out solution to overpopulation than say just randomly sinking every last cruise ship in operation once filled to capacity (thank you Bill Burr) but IT IS WORKING and targeting the correct individuals.

Those most addicted to their mobile devices are already dying from these forms of cancer. So it’s all good and those are the dipshits who are going to die prematurely.

The implications for wildlife are staggering yet being systematically squelched, diminished and ignored.
Who cares? We’re all gonna die, right!?!!


Here is a separate rant about the T-Mobile ads. They are offering a FREE Samsung phone or some crap. In fine print I read requires a $1249 commitment of some sort.

That’s not FREE unless you’re some kind of mindless idiot.

If any readers think for any reason this is directed specifically at them, then by Zeus & Apollo themselves, it is!