Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Hahahaha that dewd don’t dab I’ma gonna bet. lmao




After sending these balsam fir incense burners to each of my sisters and Mom this past Christmas, we decided to get one for ourselves. Along with some beard oil and balsam fir filled draft stoppers.

One of my older sisters bought a small one of these at a gift shop of Trading Post on one of our many trip to the White Mountains region of NH in the early 70’s & she’d restock the sticks every year.
I’m sure all you New Englanders & North Easterners recognize it as great cover for smoking weed in your room!


I’m sorry about your pup @Screwauger. That’s never an easy thing. My heart goes out to you and your gf.

Be well, friends. :v:




I hope all the dab pen users are keeping that nail clean and that everyone is having a good time. (Despite the fact it’s cold AF)
I’ve been using this nail for about two weeks.


TGIF @Willd

My nail is not that clean, hmmm maybe I need to do more dabs. Have a good day Bud and also nayone else that happens to wander through these parts!!!



Good morning all TGIF!


Big deal, they didn’t keep their garden weed free. I don’t believe that’s against the law.


Snow day in the great AK today!!

This is the pile that’s been shoveled from the driveway


Somehow Massachusetts is avoiding this storm. We are having a really good run here - maybe only six inches of snow total, all melted, from early in December. Knock on wood…


This is the first good dump we’ve had this winter so I guess it’s not so bad. Can’t complain about a 3 day weekend :sunglasses:
Also, without snow the rivers and streams won’t have enough for the fish come Spring :fish:


Sums up my week!!


Good morning gardeners whats up? What I really miss is the Saturday morning cartoons and wrestling and creature double feature. I remember many morning just hanging watching. Now jump about 40 years forward and instead of morning cartoons it is morning bud watching and smoking and who would have thunk that cannabis would be legal-ish. The end of prohibition is near.


Happy Saturday everyone. Freezing outside but warm inside.
Hope everyone is having a good time.
Been following this topic and gonna order some stuff to making some e-juice since I already have a rosin press.
If you grow enough weed and have the budget, I highly recommend pressing your own rosin to do with whatever you like.


Had a case of writers block for a few days. Broke it this morning to bring you this


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,it’s still cold and wet and grey here in Wales,not sleeping much,in lots of pain,my girls are looking really good,lots more amber so looking on schedule,my 3 seedlings are still doing ok to atm,the kitten has found his hammock and he’s loving it lol

Have a great day everyone
@Willd. @Zombo. @Screwauger
@SmoknGranny. @Smokin_ernie
@DoobieNoobie. @DoomSack
@elheffe702. @Coltfire @TxGrowman


As Bob Dylan said “These Times They are a changin`”. I remember the Flintstones were the greatest when high, eating a bowl of Cornflakes. Man the good old days…


@Willd when I first started with that I ordered a kit came with bottle of juice, some 510 thread cartridges, pipettes, syringes and tips, I ordered 4 bottles and it last a while. the brand I use is called “Shatter Sauce” but there are many on the market, you can also buy liquid terps to add or make the juice from. I ordered mine from the bay of e. But just typing wax liquidizer will get you on your way. Read the reviews as in anything all aren’t created equal as far as taste and as far as staying liquid.The kit I paid like $20 and each individual bottle were $10-15. Good luck :four_leaf_clover: let me know if I can help out.


Kitty hammock cool @daz49… it’s harvest day today but have a sick wife and have to bring her to clinic so my work has been interrupted! Oh well lots of trimming which kind of sucks