Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


My got to guy for NFTG is @Usmcjojo


I just saw that @Smokin_ernie

He has a thread up about NOTG nutes and FAQ, check it out and ask him @Laurap


If using the bloom chaos, might need to increase intake of the Herculean Harvest, and the Diameters Destiny. I am only a rookie grower, but I seen a video from the company, and this was stated. I also am running these products, so I am also interested in more feedback on your issue.
Good morning to everyone :point_up_2::dash:


@Usmcjojo That is definitely the man with The nectar of the gods hand he uses it exclusively and will be able to answer any questions you have about it @Laurap and great day to you all :wink:


Good morning y’all! :wave:

I’m up and at 'em (as momma always said) and about to make French toast for me and my son. I’m listening to Paw Patrol in the background, instead of my usual music, since my Bluetooth ear buds didn’t get charged overnight…doh! They’ll be good to go before the dishes are done.

It’s cloudy and gray here, but clearing off quickly from the looks of it. Despite his awful sounding cold (mine too :tired_face:) he’s his usual chipper and happy self. I miss gardening with him. I miss my garden. I need to get back into it soon, before I go nuts!

@Laurap the :chicken: swinging image in my head won’t go away anytime soon :laughing:

Be well, friends :v:


We had a dusting of snow, less than an inch. Time to switch the tires to studded… I hate having to use them but hate sliding around more. I usually wait until it’s gonna stick, later this year than most


@elheffe702 Happy Anniversary


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Only using the bloom kaos as foliar feed. Still in veg. But many thanks


Missed you sweetie! Good to see you again!


Happy anniversary! You had good timing for your return. :grin:


Happy Anniversary @elheffe702



Has he a ball in his mouth? He’s loving it Brother!! Ain’t Life Grand? 48


whats up gardeners? Up early again this time I blame the dog and having to go out at 2:30am so I find myself hitting the bong and having a cup of coffee. Strange as it is a good indica and a hot cup of coffee will put me right to sleep most times. The problem is I prefer ice coffee no matter the time of the year. Well the combo isn’t working because I am here typing away. At least it is hump day. Going to be a long day.


Wacky Weed Wednesday!
Hey, hey What else can I say?
Ho, ho smoke weed every day!

Finding I really like vaping rosin better than smoking buds. I rolled up a little Gold Leaf last night though & it is curing up nicely.


Nailed it

Morning Willd. I’m mourning a dead bush so I have the day off!!

Does your nail stay good through the day or does it need a juice boost?


Love the sweatshirt.


Good morning gardeners and happy stoners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,its a dark,grey,wet,foggy looking day outside,well the car turned out to be a lot more expensive and a bearing and a few other things so not good there and can’t get done till end of the week,having a rough few sleepless nights again with my lungs pain and headaches,and started the day with a falling out because someone’s getting snappy at chaos,poor little dude she wants him put to sleep,I hope you’re all having a better day,
@elheffe702. Happy anniversary
Have a great day everyone
@Willd. @Screwauger.

@Zombo. @Coltfire. @DoobieNoobie

@DoomSack. @Capt_Seeweed



Hope you feel better brother, just one of those days… tell that ahole to go take a shite @daz49


I just want one last Christmas with chaos before i consider his eternal sleep,thanks @Zombo. Feeling really bad today,but it’ll pass,thanks bro