Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Looking Marvy Man!! Cola Farm!!


Wacky Weed Wednesday is upon us again!

All foggy in here again!

I really like this Vape pen with the bubbler set up. It looks like the tool is going right up my nose…it’s not. It’s at least 2” away. It’s an illusion!
The biggest tip is keep it clean! A clean nail is the only nail!

The quality of the heating core/controller varies from unit to unit though it seems. I have three of them exactly the same. One gets quite a bit hotter than the other two, another “blinks out” prematurely despite swapping batteries. I guess that’s why they have to offer lifetime warranty parts for just the cost of shipping.

Anyway vaping rosin vs combusting flower and keif has had a very positive impact on my respiratory and spine health as well as the air quality in general.
I think it only makes sense if you have enough weed, time, and desire to press your own rosin. Buying it on the street or a dispensary would probably be cost prohibitive.

I hope everyone is having a good time


Hey Gardeners and Stoners!!

On lunch break from work, dabbing a couple to get my mind right.
I came home, dropped my stuff and this is what I found

Both so sound asleep, didn’t hear me come in (that might be due to the Grateful Dead channel on Pandora playing for them). I snapped this picture, came to my office and started sobbing. We have to put the dog down. His ability to ambulate and navigate has decreased dramatically since fall. I am giving him three droppers full of 1700mg CBD oil twice a day. Helps him sleep but we haven’t seen it doing what it once did no matter how strong I make it. So, we have to put the dog down. For me, it will be a blessing as I have wanted to end his suffering (and mine) about a year ago but it’s my GF’s dog. I love dogs and cats.

I had a cat as a child that in my teen years, went bat sh*t crazy when her lifelong companion (our dog) had to be put down. She went nuts and the vet said it was behavioral due to her grief over losing her friend. Not sure I bought that hook line and sinker, but some of it made sense. A once friendly lap cat took to the basement, would not let you get near her and would pee and poop while running on the forced air heat runs. We had to put her down a short time later, at a relatively young age because of what was said to be grief and depression and loneliness.

That cat laying with the dog we got as a kitten. She’s 4 and has always been very close to the dog. We have another older cat that could leave or take the dog. This one eats with him, sleeps with him and is just his buddy. He can roll over on her step on her and she just repositions. Basically, she likes heat.

She is going to be crushed when we take him. It’s just knocking me on my a** the level of dread and heartache I feel for her losing her 24/7 friend. This is why, after my divorce and before I met this woman, I had sworn off ever being a pet owner again. I can’t handle the end of life stuff. Yet here I am. My GF could care less about the cat and just doesn’t want to lose her dog or she wants him to die at home but that’s no longer an option and she agrees. Thanks for listening. I had to get it out of me. sigh


Losing a family member is never easy furry or not. I hope that both you n the gf will find some peace knowing he won’t suffer any longer. Still doesn’t make it any easier. It’s memories like the one posted above that will help heal. Today’s tears are for tomorrow’s seeds.My condolences to you and the gf.


Thanks very much. The cat will likely be fine as she has a sister to play with and that wasn’t the case years ago. Appreciate your advice and condolences. @Midwestnewbie


So sorry about it being 'kota’s time. My sympathy to you both
Our vet in CT came out to euthanize my little 16 yr old HuskyShepherd mutt Kit when it was her time.
She suffered from canine vestibular disease for a couple of years until the one episode she just didn’t bounce back from. She always possessed a puppy-like quality until that day even at her worst. That’s how I knew she was just done. Her brain was toast from lesions.

Her “sister” a 110 lb sable shepherd had to be physically carried to and from the car to be euthanized a few months later after having a cancerous tumor the size of a softball excised from her gut a year prior. She slowly lost mobility of her rear quarters until she became completely incontinent. No idea how old she was. But we’ll say “mature”.


Thanks @Willd

I truly think Kota will be in a better place. He too still has puppy qualities but every time he gets “frisky” he falls and is traumatized. He will sigh a big sigh of relief imho. He really loved to live and not just sleep 23 hours a day which has been his life for over a year. When he’s not sleeping he has accidents and the look on his face will just gut you. He knows he’s had an accident and you can tell he feels awful despite the comfort and lack of scolding or concern on our part. It’s time and his brother gets off the boat 1/19 so we are planning to go the next week sometime.

I wish I could prepare the cat but I need to stop personifying them and trying to address emotions that are likely not there lmao

Thanks again.


I’m so very sorry. I remember when you started him on the meds. It’s NEVER an easy decision to make but it’s the last gift of love you can give him. Please know that your in my thoughts :hugs:


Sorry to hear about your dog @Screwauger… my prayers for you and yours that the sadness is minimal. Put my golden down in the summer and I’m feeling your pain.


@Screwauger, I like you get too attached and it will tear you up when you have to have one euthanized. When I feel I am about to get emotional over them I always think of some of the funny or stupid stuff that they done, and it seems to help. After the hurt we realize we where blessed with their love for at least a short while. Peace and prayers to you and the GF.


Sorry to see you are having to put a friend to sleep. I had to do two of mine and you get over it. I still remember hunting with Suzy (my springer) and Samson (my pointer) like it was yesterday. No matter how long they are in your life, you will not forget them. I just remember all the good times and it isn’t so bad.

Prayers for your and your friend. Jerry :us::man_farmer:


@Screwauger sorry to hear. I am just waiting for the day I have to put mine to sleep. She 13 so got to be realistic. Just a matter of time.


Thanks folks. I appreciate each and every one of your comments. I will miss my buddy. He’s had an awesome 16 yrs and frankly, I’ve been his nurse maid, orderly and kitchen staff for the past year plus. I’m actually ready for him to move to a more comfortable place. Not to minimize the loss I will feel and I certainly have mountains of fun times to remember with the old boy. He’s fairly close to being a blind, demented incontinent paraplegic. For his sake and mine, it’s time. Not trying to sound cold hearted but, he has required a lot of hands on care and support for the past 8 months. It’s been easy to do since he sleeps great, has a great appetite and still gets that puppy spirit a few times a week with his tossing toys and trying to prance and be young again. That’s why we have not had the heart to do it. But his incontinence has worsened and mostly, his ability to walk from point A to B has deteriorated rapidly over the past month.

My heart today just wrenched, seeing how close that cat is to him and how she will adjust/take his passing. She really is a sweet cat, as cats go, and my heart just ached at the thought of her missing his protection and warmth. He will be in a better place, hopefully I can console her to adjust without major upset. Thanks again everyone.


I hope everyone is having a good time.


Morning Peeps. Almost Friday! Cannot come soon enough in my opinion. Have a good day and as the Man says, have a good time!!


@Screwauger Oh man, what a heart breaker of a story. My thoughts and sympathies are with you.


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s cold and wet with grey skies,still feeling really down,not slept right since losing chaos,getting better getting through but still really hard,getting some nasty nasal headaches again to,
@Screwauger. Sorry to hear about yours and your girlfriends dog,try to remember the happy days ,and I’d say you still feel really guilty even if you’re trying to end their pain,my heart goes out to you both,
Everyone please have a good day
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Besides Gorilla Glue, pH meters and overwatering, thats what we’re here for.


@Willd I just came up from my grow room and this was on tv. Do you have a twin?lol