Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Good Morning everyone. Peace and Love.


Chopped one BGA down. Here’s the biggest cola. Very heavy and tight!


NICE chunk of bud there @GetbackJoJo… ENJOY man.


Whats up it is Monday boo… anyone that has to work anyways. At least that is how I feel.

Got some new anxiety meds and it has been only a couple days but I think we might have a winner.

Waiting on some seed to pop the tails. Got pineapple haze and OG Kush soaking right now. The OG looked like it may be poking its head out. It is most likely going in soil before work.

Chilly start to the day at 11F and a bit windy making it feel colder. I may be a bit soft in the head but I am looking forward to the ponds freezing so I can ice fish. I know if I head north from where I am they have frozen lakes. So I will have to travel.

Well we are back to full week of work. Now that the holidays are over.


Manic MMJ Monday!
Hope everyone is having a good time.

This stuff is foggin’up my eyes like the air pollution reference in this song


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s grey and foggy ,cold and wet here,still not feeling it sorry to say, I have got 3 seedlings come up so thats a positive and my girls are looking good, I hope you have a great day everyone

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@Zombo. @Smokin_ernie. @Smokey2
@DoobieNoobie. @DoomSack
@Coltfire. @Hogmaster


Good morning @daz49


Do you catch frozen fish in the frozen lakes? I went fishing in the Dead Sea once, know what I caught?


Dead fish?


Yes takes a special kind of person to pull them threw the ice. :crazy_face::laughing:


Guess that was too easy.


Wow I have entered the 2 flower room crew …I got to say what a stress reliever having 2 completly different spaces with climate controll in different areas …no more will I worry about losing a crop as a whole to botrytis …I cant wait to get these babys stacking day is day 2 of room 1 I’m offsetting by 4 weeks to keep weed in the jars that 250 grams I just harvested is down to the last couple joints lol …grow payed for its self in the most part in literal terms definatley payed for its self in weed I didnt have to buy so win win now on read to get some good weed …botrytis special is getting old… the sacks are fat but taste and smell is not lol my uncles love it


Tokin Tuesday everyone!
Toke it smoke it vape it eat it rub it on rub it in

Intermittent heavy fog advisories issued for WillD’s kitchen table & desk all day today.

Hope everyone is having a good time.


Good morning buddy! Smoken and token have a stoney day!

Good morning garden, not much happening weather forecast for some snowy winter mix type wether this morning. It will make going into work fun. Haven’t had much snow yet this year so it will confuse a lot of people on the road and it will be like their first time driving.

Peace out :metal:
have an awesome day!


what a thing of beauty!


Awesome @SmoknGranny ! Hope you are having a good New Year. I’m finally getting a grow going ! Will post soon. Got a lot going with my PTSD classes and the grandchildren. Spent the whole month of December and part of January with grandkids at the house. WAS AWESOME ! I grew a long gray beard and did Santa for the kids. They loved it ! (Doesn’t hurt that my belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly when I laugh ! ) Take care and good grows in the New Year ! Jerry :us::man_farmer:


Hi sweetie. I’m hanging in there and working on getting back into the swing of things. I’m still catching up here and loved reading your hunting posts, etc. All which have warmed my heart including seeing your personal progress.
I’m looking forward to seeing your next grow so please tag me in :hugs:
As always you are in my thoughts and prayers :heart: Granny

  1. Clock to see what time it is since they removed it from the cable box.
  2. Cable box without the clock.
  3. DVD Player
  4. CAT Player


What’s up?? Good to see you posting again. My shed is working out great so far almost been a year since I built it. Got some good stuff going right now.


Thanks :hugs: . Right now I am trying to figure out a few kinks in setting up for an indoor grow, prepping some super soil and reading every chance I get :blush:
I’m thrilled that you are doing so well with your shed. Beautiful!!! But I knew you would :+1: I’m sure I’ll be picking your brain soon (& others) :grin:
:hugs: Granny