Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Thank you :green_heart: @Screwauger


Happy 3rd. Anniversary @Budbrother


Late reply but thanks. Its pretty dope.


Hey man sorry bout the late reply. Likewise to u. How are you man?


Happy New Year Gardeners! Hope everyone’s staying warm and relaxing with a toke. Peace and love to all of you guys and gals in 2019 and beyond!


What a beautiful snake, what size will he get , my coastal is 10 ft


Happy New Year @DoomSack, hope all is well… give a pat to wolfie!


26 minutes out from the new year. Would like to wish everyone a happy new year and a farewell to 2018, a year has come and gone again. Time really does fly by.


Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year @DoomSack!
Same goes for the rest of you cats and kittens


Happy New Year to everyone.

This year my resolution is to come out of the closet. I told the wife I’m not going into the closet anymore to smoke. I told her you’ll just have to put up with the smoke and smell like the rest of us. lol In reality my resolution two years ago was not to purchase smoke through the black market anymore. You know I’ve held good on that resolution.


Happy Day off because it’s a New Year!!

My resolution is to stop and savor each hit of home grown marijuana instead of rifling through bongs like it’s some bag weed or something! Inhale, exhales, savor, ponder, repeat. I don’t think I can do it hahahaha

Have a good day. Four inches of water soaked slush and snow out there that has to be moved before re-freeze. Happy New Year (but I sure picked a good year to throw in the sledding towel). Peace…


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike,Happy New Year to you all, I hope you all had a great Christmas and I hope you all have a great growing 2019 whoop whoop,I wish you all great success and all the support you need right here

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@Smokin_ernie. @DoobieNoobie
@DoomSack. @Coltfire
@Hogmaster. @Myfriendis410


Happy 2019 @daz49 Here’s to Health, Happiness and Herijuana for all. Thanks Brother and have a good day!!


Much love @daz49


happy new years to all you animals!


I resemble that remark! Happy Happy right back at ya @BIGE


Happy new year garden dwellers, may you all have a safe year ahead , nice grows and better smoke.


Happy New Year Gang!!



Happy New year every one hope it’s a great one for all :v: CB