Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Got this little beast today only a baby now but the size will definitely come little boa :grin:


Nice Colombian Red Tail Boa ya got there. :heart:


Thanks not to bad is she!! @Budbrother


How’s the coloring? Nice pink sides and well defined red tail?


Yeah I’ll get a couple better pictures tomorrow so you can see properly when I put her in her proper tank not been able to have a proper good look at her myself tbh :joy: @Budbrother


Hello @daz49, hope you had a good Christmas and your felines and canines are all well! Peace brother!


good morning gardeners!


Morning @BIGE

Gonna stop short of good but it is morning lol

Snowy and cold soon to be rainy and cold.
Peace Brother!!


whats up garden? Looks like we will be getting a wintery mix today for weather. So sounds like a nice day to hang in and smoke some weed. Have a great day everyone.


He @Smokin_ernie

Light snow up this way. Cold but going to warm up and change to rain they say.

TGIF. Only two days of work this week but yesterday was like a Monday times infinity and today is just going to be busy and will fly by me hopes. I know I have enough to do that I will be popping home for a dab here or there hahahaha


Now that you are into the dab does that mean you going cut back on flower? With all the new tech it is fun to try new things but I still find myself going back to a joint and /or bowl. The biggest thing with the battery operated things is the battery would give out at a point where I needed it so back to a joint.


First thing I did was buy a second one as a backup. Plus I have lithium chargers and other batteries for my flashlights that do work in the enail.

To answer your question, in 2015 and 16, after my good friend died, I was left with no solid connection and weed was not yet legal recreationally. Believe it or not, I smoked some weed with the best man at my step sons wedding and he said he could/would get me gear anytime. I started using him but it was real sketchy. Meet behind the hardware store at 10:15 type deals and he wouldn’t show for 45 minutes. It was stressing me out bigtime and I felt like I was 17 again.

As things progressed, he could not get flower and was getting just oils and concentrates from a local medical retailer. It was good stuff, expensive as heck ($65g) and his reliability was awful. Regardless, you know a pot head, he was all I had.

Point is I smoked oil and concentrates exclusively for over a year. Spoiled me to the point I didn’t even begin to get high on flower no matter how ingested. I weaned myself away and back to a place where my flower F’s me up.

So, no. I plan to use the nail as a supplement to my daily intake and not an exclusive method of getting high. I say that but it’s like an attractive hollywood starlet flashing her stuff at me every time I see the enail hahaha . “Why don’t you use me, Big Boy!!”


yeah that does sound kind of sketchy. It would stress me out as well. I have always been slightly stressed/nervous about meeting people to pick up especially at 10:00pm behind the hardware store and not showing up on time.

My buddy in Maine is 2 hours away and he is always like I will meet you half way and it just causes stress instantly. So I drive the 2 hrs to his house.


If not for the fact that he was the complete opposite of my step son, who is a merchant marine and a first mate heading for his captains license, and has to be drug tested and clean or his career is over. Vinny is a long haired doper who looks most of the time like a Rastafarian, my GF would not let him come to her house. It was awkward as that’s where he would have preferred to conduct business and sample the wares. Visually (and way prejudiced) my GF was turned off (and her son lacked viable best man candidates so he turned to HS buddies he had lost contact with hahahahahahahahaha).

Peace, I’m off to the grind!!


Hello everyone, this morning taking the dog out I couldn’t make it out of my driveway. Everything has a coating of ice. The dog even gave up trying to cross the street and did his thing in the front yard.


Wow that guy has a big nose. lol


I’ve noticed that the ILGM FB page no longer exists. Does anyone know what’s up with that. I wonder if FB took it down for some stupid reason.The ILGM t-shirt page is still up and running though.


you do not have your mustang covered yet?


I usually keep it in the tent but not this year as the tent cover is getting worn. I’ve also had problems with rodents getting into the engine compartment and some moisture problems even with a good cover. I’m hoping to have the whole car painted this spring. :grinning:


yea rodents can tear up stuff quickly!!