Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidaze!

Glad to be alive and smoking some homegrown tree.

What i got for Christmas. As you can see it has many configurations.

10 diff papers


OK So I guess you’re working on earning your PhD in TCH with all that plumbing?
Ha ha ha. It’s awesome. Acetone is a great bubbler cleaner FYI




Wacky Weed Wednesday is upon us again.
Enjoy and share your favorite strain with someone you like today!


Kind looks like I’m frightened

Pineapple Rosin for breakfast


Don’t be scared


Good morning @Willd and @Screwauger!! Have a happy day blazing away with those nails. hahaha



is ya’ll going to let me in the band?


Lol @BIGE that was funny. Enjoy the rest of your vacation @Screwauger! Good morning all!


Dr D, I gotta say it. That is the nicest rig I ever saw.


Awesome setup, @Dr.DankThumb420!

I hope you all had a good Christmas. I’m having a pretty rough few days here, but still above ground :+1:


@Willd pyrethrins worked great on thrips and aphids not a creature is stirring not even a " plant louse" (they call thrips plant lice )and girls are kicking high got branches busting through the screen ground level


Watched a pair of ravens harassing a bald eagle out my office window this afternoon (no, I’m not totally focused on work today)

Baldie taking off

Swooping dive


Very nice photos @GreenThunder

I saw two bald eagles week before last, one fairly close on a fresh road kill. I parked and waited for him to come back and he did, just never landed so I could get a good shot.


A little late to the party. Been dealing with a stomach thing. Spent the better part of Christmas in the bathroom. Haven’t had a chance to check on my girls in a few days. Feeling better tonight and the girls are looking great.
Quick pic of one of the BGA’s:



Thmokin Tokin Thursday!

Time to order some rechargeable 123A batteries and a charger for the Ring security sensor devices, Davis weather station & mr. mutt’s Innotek shock collar.

The ROI on 8 pieces & an 8 place charger is pretty much as soon as I’ve used them all once. I’m comparing to Duracell disposable lithium batteries not some Amazon branded health hazard from some 3rd world country in the Far East.

I hope everyone is at least having as good a time as I am or better. It’s not that difficult.


Beautiful picture!


My view next couple days,


Very nice view!!