Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


I want them both lol


Me to lol I’m trying to get them both so they can keep each other company,I mean one will have the dogs for company but may be intimidated by 5 dogs so his brother would be good for him to have around


Playing out your desirers today @Screwauger stayed home form work. Up at 3am and falling asleep around 5:30 am in recliner not a good night of sleep but then again it is par for the course. Ugh! Depression and anxiety all at work at once. Just cripples me somedays.


Those are man eaters @daz49, you should send them to me immediately for your protection! And the dogs too!


Feel better @Smokin_ernie… enjoy your day home!


Thanks! I am going to try.


OMG they are so cute, I’ll take two!!! @daz49


I appreciate your offer bro they truly are man eater’s but they will fit right in here lol


I have more beveda’s that might do the trick. Because my improvised humidifier was working so well, I believe I can get the tent up to 65-69% RH. I plan to do that and let the nugs sit in the tent for a day and see what they absorb. This worked back about a week when I was concerned it was drying to quickly. Just waiting on USPS for my wicks for the humidifier


A bit of color in the morning sky today. It’s 28° at 11 am… up from 20° at 8am


They’re adorable! I want to hold a kitten. Mine grew up so fast he’s a fatty now lol.


Add some apple slices to the jars has worked for me.


Good morning gardeners and stoners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,its a really cold frosty start here and I have to go into town and get my brakes done,have a great day everyone

@Willd. @Zombo. @Screwauger

@Coltfire. @DoobieNoobie. @DoomSack

@Countryboyjvd1971. @Capt_Seeweed

@Myfriendis410. @Hogmaster.


Morning to all, Thanks @Screwauger for opening up the garden for us garden dwellers as I can’t have my coffee or smoke a bowl until I have at least checked in. Now where did I put that bowl.


That’s a great idea. My wicks arrived so I layed out my 10 ounces in two trays in the tent and before I went to bed, the RH in the tent was 70%.

This morning I am jarring it back up with hygrometers to check later on it’s status. I think it came back a bit.

Bonus, I found a stick of buds in the tent that I never cut up but that ones a tad drier hahahaha

Morning Gardeners!!! Hope you all are doing best that can be done.
I am off to the office but bonus, got tomorrow off to mourn for the dead president.
I think I’ll clean grow space, smoke bongs and watch quirky and dark netflix movies.


Good morning yall from texas. Was just thinking about bob31 & him showing hisself in his stetson as i won a bet. Miss him!


Hi @Laurap hope you are growing well.


Hi sweetie, great to see ya. Grows going well. Can anyone answer this. Last 3 grows around mid veg i get a calmag deficiency & nitrogen deficiency. This has happened in soil & npw in promix. Using nectar of gods & teas. Holding one leg up & swinging a :chicken: over my head but still happens. Any suggestions as :chicken: isnt working. Lol


Good morning garden. A new thread has started woo hoo. Miss ya bob31, hope you’re toke’n a nice fat one right about now. I hope everyone is doing well this morning. I snapped a few pics of the pup and sunset to share. Enjoy the day all.

Can you tell thru the fuzziness that this pup is having a good time? Or just maybe he’s playin dead?


There is someone in here that is real good with nectar of the gods. Let me search a bit for who that is and we’ll tag them @Laurap