Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


big hug brother!


It helps in the mind, when we know they where suffering. To help your heart you have to remember the times they made you laugh, there funny little mannerisms and yes the way they snore. Having felt what you are feeling makes me want to cry for you!


Just read your post brother, my sympathies to you and the family @Screwauger


Sorry for your loss my brother, I know exactly how you feel, I know you kept him around as long as you could and he’s in no pain anymore, it’s going to hurt like hell for a while , it always hurts losing a family member which is what they are to us, but it gets easier with time friend,we all know that you loved him dearly , just remember we’re all here for you anytime ,condolences to you and your girlfriend


Thank you, thank you all. It was hard, as I expected but we got to see him at peace after the sedative and before the IV. They gave us 5 - 10 minutes to sit with him while he slept so soundly. Of course he was sedated but he was literally hugging my GF and it was very rewarding. Thanks again Gang.


I’m sorry for your lost @Screwauger.


Thanks @North_East_Newbie

Overall, though we miss him and can’t stand the quiet, we feel a sense of relief and comfort knowing he is no longer struggling.

Thanks again Gang.

Have a good Thursday!!


Look for the brightest star in the sky at night, that will be Dakota happily wagging his tail and saying hello.


Happy Valentines Day you all of you folks & your loved ones.
Big day of deliveries. Vape carts & batteries. Syringes, little drip tip bottles. I really need some valencene in my isolate collection to make orange tasting oil.

Digging this aspire k2 clearomozer.

Hang in there. Things will start looking up soon @elheffe702


Good morning gardeners and stoners alike, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,still gotta go to the doctors to get my repeat prescription,it’s a thick foggy day here but at least it’s not raining yet,still not sleeping much and feeling pretty run down,I’ll get it together no worries

@Zombo. @Screwauger. @Smokin_ernie
@Willd. @elheffe702. @Coltfire
@DoobieNoobie. @Myfriendis410
@TxGrowman. @Hogmaster


Good morning garden hope we are all having a good Valentines Day . We don’t really celebrate this holiday at my house after 29 years together it is a moot subject @Screwauger brother so sorry about the loss of your companion . I don’t get real emotional over much but my fur family is on the top of the list . Every time I hear that someone has lost a pack mate I remember the ones we have lost.


40 years married for me so when the wife got out of bed I asked her to be my valentine and she laughed.


I couldn’t help myself and took an early sample of the banana kush which I’ll be harvesting in a litte over a week. This has been drying for the last 4 days and is dry enough to sample. For being early it’s still top shelf and I can’t wait for the cured product. Here’s a small bud I’m about ready to smoke.


Here’s the back side of that bud.


Good morning friends and happy St Valentine’s Day!
@ntmaremach ~ holy crystals! I;m sure that is good & potent…
@daz49 hand in there brother. you need a good indica to knock you out!
Work today then dinner out with the Mrs. tonight. Been dieting for the last 2 weeks & eating like a rabbit (had a life insurance physical yesterday, so was trying to lose some weight & lower cholesterol). Tonight will be the first real meal I’ve have in a while & I intend to make the most of it!
Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!!!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Thanks @Willd…the sunshine looks good on you…hopefully you’re right, and it’ll start shining on us, too!

@daz49 your persistence is motivation to me. I experience a lot of the same insomnia, fatigue, etc., and if you can get through it, so can I. We can be zombie brothers lol

@Oldstoner and @ntmaremach wow, almost 70 years of marriage collectively. I hope to be talking about my wife of 20, 30, 40 somethings years.

@North_East_Newbie enjoy your night out and real food!

I’m just living vicariously through all you fantastic gardeners lately, wishing I had a garden still. It’s looking like I’ll have to wait a while yet, too. What’s that saying, “this too shall pass,” is that right? Did they mean “pass” as in passing stones? Ugh. Time to smoke a bowl. :v:


Always here for you bro and forever zombie brothers for real,getting through just makes you stronger brother
And @ntmaremach nice bud bro I’ll bet that tastes sweet,good luck with your harvest,tag me oh and we all live vicariously through each other lol I thought everyone did it to


Good to hear from you ! I have a grow going but have no time to keep a journal ! I am doing a course on PTSD at the VA. It is a course used by health care providers to work as a provider for patients of PTSD. It is serious hard and touching issues that are bringing all my problems to the mind to try to deal with. Very enlightening but VERY tiring.

I have a da Buddah vaporizer and have had it for several years. It works well and is minimal on maintnance. I have a cooling trap for the vapors and it smokes really nice. That price is good ! I might look at it for a present to one of my veteran friends, he shares weed with me anyway !

Good luck on your grows. Jerry :us: :us: :man_farmer:


Sorry for your loss brother. I have lost many of my furry friends and miss them all. Great memories stored up from my dogs. Remembering them makes them almost here. Keep them in your memory and they never die ! Jerry :us:


Wow…I ate well tonight
Portabella bruchetta, filet mignon with mashed potatoes and asparagus. Topped off with a couple hot & dirty martinis. Stick a fork in me , I am done.