Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 4 - A Dedication to @bob31


Three down or should I say, 30,000 posts later, thank you bob31 for bringing all of our wild thoughts into one communal location. I Love Growing marijuana and I thank ILGM and Robert for all he does for the Cannabis Community.

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues

Woohoo welcome to the new chapter! Thanks


Wow, the next 10000 posts coming, thx for keeping it going @Screwauger, wish @bob31 was still around


Nice going all. Gotta change my bookmark again!


Was wondering why i couldn’t post in chapter 3 , well done garden dwellers on another chapter.


Thanks @bob31. Miss you brother. Hope you are doing well ! :us: :man_farmer: :sunglasses:


New chapter for the morning garden, I look forward to this thread everyday,well done everyone for keeping it up


I haven’t been around as long as others, but I still feel more apart of this growing family than other non-420 sites I’ve been on for years. I appreciate everyone’s help. I miss @bob31 and his sage advice and wisdom. Hope all is well in his world. Onto phase 4 of this topic and may all of your grows be abundant and peaceful.


Ya, Bob was cool. A down to earth, generous, kind and knowledgeable guy who just loved growing and using marijuana (well, I’m sure he still does) and sharing his helpful input in more places than I could keep up with. I miss hiim too.

That said, there are many many folks here with the same spirit and skill so if you’ve got issues growing, eating or smoking marijuana, you’ve landed where most wish they had. Peace.


I thought you were done with weed! I’ve been busy but I’m watching your veterans corner thread. Apparently not to many of us are Vets. I thought one of the last posts I saw from you was that you were quitting weed or something like that. Good to see your still here Jerry



Bob was the first one to reply to me. It was to tell me to quit asking the same questions on multiple posts. He got me going on the forum and encouraged me to read everything I could from you experts. I did and it makes me teary to think he won’t be back. Really! I miss him a lot.


Update on birds.

the alex is growing so fast now.
3Uploading: 15438131419268446676910534798761.jpg… they are almost ready to go to new homes , thought i would check on the nest boxs today, only to find another 10 cockatiels ,waiting to be pulled.


They look great.

And woohoo for chapter 4. I started in the middle of 3 so I’ll be around to see the start and end of 4.


Good morning gardeners!! Foggy from what I can see when I brought the dog out. Slight on the warm side hence the fog seeing it rained all day yesterday. Finally I think we are for a little stretch of no rain. It will be a nice change. Garden is growing and into flowering only 10 days but I see white hairs starting to pop up. Fun times.


MMJ Monday people!
Whether prescribed by a physician or yourself!

Still digging the e-nail as my primary method of getting high.


Good morning gardeners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,its a grey wet day here,have a great day everyone

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Morning Gardeners!!

It is Monday and I am exhausted already from trying to think of how to get today off.
It’s bad habit I’ve had since junior year in high school.

It’s like self abuse as I always go, I just like to torture myself with “what if’s”

It’s not completely selfish. I want to be here to monitor stuff.
You see on Saturday, the little woman was pushing to do errands.
I ran to the tent and said to self, just burp these jars for ten minutes…

At 11 pm on Saturday night I remembered, I never capped them.

What was ideal weed for curing is now dried out AF. Stoner afternoon on steroids.

Of course, I threw the filters for my humidifier out as they were well used.
Got two more coming today and going to re-humidify the buds in my tent with a day or two of 65% RH.

I. Am. An. Idiot.


(posted deleted wrong thread)


What do you do , add an additional boveda pack? @Screwauger , that should rebound brother


New pictures of both the kittens from today

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