Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Very good point @daz49, that’s why I’m gonna have to reorganize this grow outside the tent… my Northern Lights grow had some rot, don’t want that to happen again


Do you think you’ll get a like from me showing the first snow of the season? I’ll be putting the Mustang away at the first snow here. Last year I was able to drive into the beginning of Dec.


Good morning gardeners, I hope your all doing well and your grows are doing great,it’s cold and wet here but I’m glad we ain’t got snow yet @Willd. ,have a great day everyone

@Zombo. If you can maybe you could invest in a tent for each plant bro,they’d have more space to get big for you

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Super Smokin Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!
In the 20s for temps here in Chicago…
Wait, what!?!?!
Not really…It is about as windy though.

Smoke it if you got it!


Great morning @Capt_Seeweed
I hope everything is growin’ as well as it’s goin’


Livin’ the dream @Willd…California Dream that is… my back is on the mend these days and my grow is doing great… clones are keeping me busy as well as medicated…lol :wink:


Good morning @Willd @Capt_Seeweed and the rest of the gang. Nice and sunny today. On the cold side but nice and warm where I am. Just toked some gold leaf and feeling good.


What was it Wilem DaFoe said in Platoon: “Then the worm has definitely turned for you”

AK is a kick butt smoke and excellent for pain. That one plant I grew the first time stayed less than 4 foot but I got a huge harvest from it. I love it !


@Willd here is an idea for you!


These plants are getting huge now, almost hoping they slow down… @TxGrowman… I may have to take them out of tent, was thinking of buying some diamond Mylar and hanging it like curtains, all 4 sides and bottom… then re hanging my lights… outside the tent to give them some more room


If you have today off, do something patriotic and Thank a Veteran
Guns kill people like silverware makes them fat.

I tried a couple capsules at bedtime hoping for a more restful sleep but just woke up at the same time as usual only slightly high and a touch groggy :woozy_face:

I brewed some magical beans in water and am on my way to recovering, ha ha ha


Good morning gardeners, I hope your all doing well and your grows are doing great,it’s still cold and wet here, scrappy bite me on the hand yesterday when I was trying to stop him going for chaos,poor old chaos seems to be getting sicker by the day,his sight has practically gone,he’s started pooping in the house which if you know chows is something they just don’t do,now the last few days he’s peeing without realising it and crying a lot,he is getting a lot of pain getting up and laying down,he is old for a chow,but the little younger ones want to bully him more the more he goes down hill,I think its a pack mentality thing ,still hard to deal with sometimes,it’s really looking like he’s going to be lucky to make it to Christmas,poor old guy,anyway changing the tune, I hope you all have a great day

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Sorry to hear about chaos buddy @daz49…I remember my older chow who was bullied by the younger dogs… seems cruel but like you said, it’s a pack mentality… alpha trying to take place of another alpha… hope you and him have some peace… might be time to do what we all don’t want to do… I feel sad


Yeah I have thought about it, but it breaks my heart,he’s been the best dog for 12 years so I don’t want to feel like I’m giving up on him,since I’m the pack leader I’ll control the rest,even if it means getting bitten from time to time



Hahahahah that’s funny


Take a Pill Tuesday!

Just about recovered from getting an erupted tooth yanked yesterday.
They actually listened to my concerns about my Novocain tolerance and emptied 2 syringes of Novocain into it before even attempting to work it loose.
I was very anxious going in but it came out easily and in 1 piece!
If you’ve ever experienced dry socket, you know not to use a straw or draw off a joint for at least 24-48 hours after an extraction.
Enter capsules & power hitter with keif laced joints! I did take 2 Aleve at bedtime to ensure comfort, but shouldn’t need any additional today. I iced it a bunch too which really diminished the swelling & pain.

Hope everyone is having a good time.


Old man winter officially arrives Friday with an estimated 3-5” snow.
Still have to get the tiller off the Gravely & swap it out for the snow cannon.

Tomorrow’s high temp = 23°
Yikes! AAA is gonna be busy jump starting cars!


12 years is a long time for a chow. Hope you both find peace soon. So hard to let go of a friend like that but quality of life is what you need to look at. If Chaos is having so much of a hard time, he may need to be set free of his pain. I hate these choices but it is an inevitable part of our four legged friends. Good luck with the future. Jerry :us: :man_farmer:


Morning Stoners!!

Back to work today. 4 day week this week, 3 day week next week!! I will endure!

Half rain, half freezing drizzle here this morning. I got quite a bit of winterizing done yesterday. Cover off pool and stowed. 2 cans of expandable foam insulation used around the foundation and cellar entrance. Never did get leaves raked. Frankly, it took nearly all day to siphon off the pool cover, remove the sheet of 3/4" think ice and get the cover off in one piece. Always fun. (we have the type cover that has to come off for winter but we leave it on until the bilk of the leaves have fallen).

Okay, couple quick bong hits, a beard trim and I am off to earn a living. Purple Haze is on plain water and tonight I split the stem. Friday, lights out and harvest Sunday morning!!

Peace folks.

@Willd good dry socket prevention there. Never had one but that’s because like you, I do everything they advise to avoid.