Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


How’s it going? I haven’t been around too much, been fighting this damn medication that they put me on. The only thing good is that I can sleep more than before but the side effects are a HEAVY price to pay. I have no energy and cannot think straight a lot of the time. The drive to the VA is just under 50 miles round trip but I had a lot of problems driving last week. I almost fell asleep driving there for an appointment. I seem to forget stuff a LOT now. Think this medicine has to GO !
Hard to believe that my skywalker is 5 months old. It is curing absolutely awesome. It is smooth and has a great high. Does not work that well for sleeping as it did at first.

I cannot believe that I still have about 2 oz left. Only using it for daytime meds and some occasional hits in the daytime but I really do not need them. Going to have some left when I get my Afghan done.

Hope to get grow started soon. :us::man_farmer:


I thoroughly enjoy your music, @Willd. Very nice :clap: :clap: :clap:

Congrats on the new tent (and its assembly) @Screwauger!

I’m having a pretty rough few days here, but getting through it, one way or another. Having my own home grown meds helps :v:


Morning all, how’s all your grows going ? Have not been well the last week, yesterday being the worst, woke with a vomiting migraine, which lasted the whole day,couldn’t put anything in stomach.
Feeling much better now, so today i get to play in the garden, i put a few green crack autos down on weekend , today i am picking up ,some AK47 and LSD25 , so they and the green crack will be my stage two grow, i received a Humboldt blue dream seed , as a freebie and it was the only one i put in a jiffy pot , and my dog dug it up and ate it, not happy about that , but ordered more last night.
@daz49 @Willd @TxGrowman @Screwauger @BIGE @Hogmaster @Zombo and all the other garden dwellers. Have a great day/night and just keep puffing away.


@Coltfire Hope you get to feeling better buddy


Feel better @Coltfire… hoping @daz49 is doing well too


Tokin’ Toosday

Burn it if ya got it!
Saturday’s weigh in was 4.3 oz total.
Gold leaf & purple Haze make up nearly 50% of that.

.22 oz was Sour D which I gave to Liam for his sentry services upon my return from down east to attend the annual owners meeting.

Of the 10 that made it last year only 6 remain
Amnesia haze, bubblegum, gold leaf, pineapple Haze, Purple haze, supersilver haze.

We finished off the Big Bud Saturday too.
I have a stash of @Screwauger’s BBA as well which wasn’t included in the weigh in



Just marveling at my modified cob. Thanks @dbrn32
Tent is 10° cooler today without that heating unit (Roleadro) in there. New cobs run 50% cooler


Hopefully that’s a good thing haha! Maybe not so much come January. Glad you’re happy with it so far though.


Wtf is happening to my plant? :disappointed:


That looks like male plant


looks like male…


Gday gardeners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great,it’s grey skies and wet here,upto 16 drops of h2o2 into 250ml distilled water,raising to 25 drops of my treatment,saw 2 of my brothers yesterday and scored an oz of nice blueberry from one of them so we had a nice visit for a few hours,have a great day everyone ,put the 3 super silver haze babies in the tent today

@Willd. @Screwauger. @Countryboyjvd1971. @Zombo. @highcountrygal. @BIGE
@Coltfire and @elheffe702 I hope you’re feeling better


That’s what I get for buying seed somewhere else :sob:


Good! Brent was the best keyboardist by far


It’s male yank and toss


Good morning gardeners, I hope your all doing well and your grows are doing great,the sun is trying to break through the grey skies,pushing on with my h202 treatment,upto 18 drops into 250ml distilled water and raising to 25 drops,3 times a day,the 3 babies are still doing ok,have a great day everyone

@Willd. @elheffe702. @Screwauger. @Zombo. @Coltfire
@Countryboyjvd1971. @kabongster. @Myfriendis410


How’s it going, Darren? I just mentioned you yesterday: my daughter in law and her husband are visiting family in Winchester. Their first time to the U.K.


Hello my friend,I’m sure they will love it,the weather is all fine down there atm I think,I’m sure they will have a great visit,how are you doing and I guess you’re not coming to the uk this time


Tomorrow I fly to sweet home Chicago for a few days…8 1/2 hours flying, hate the thought. But my Dad is getting on (91) and not doing so good so I’d rather have a clear conscience when he goes. Won’t be able to take the vaporizer, though, weed is still a no no in Illinois.


Things are going. Good days and not so good. But that’s life. Just chopped plant number 3 of 6 today and she looks fantastic.