Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Look at us 2 just cooking and cooking away lol send pictures when you do your cooking, why don’t you get a butter maker brother and have it done in 2 hour’s brother,I’ve ordered myself some cake tins and cooling racks, should be here the weekend


Now that is my idea of a nice surprise ! ! :us::man_farmer:


You be cooking and cooking, I be vaping and vaping,.tomorrow I pick up led strip from post office so it’s metal carving time just as a seed cracks and is about to go into a small pot for a few days, then into a 10 litre one. Changing plans about 20l pot because I’m worried about being able to lift it when full.

Then we’ll see how this one turns out.


the brownies ,take 2, to keep you going strong for 8 hours, today i only had 1 pipe during the 8 hours.


@bigbananafeet , i put 14 seeds in seedling tray last night, i should do a journal on this next grow ,


48 hours cooking, now to let cool a tad, then comes the big squeeze. Will add pic once done.all squeezed out now to let it set.


the final product , now to cook up some cookies, i think the muffins would go stale before o got through them, so holding off on them for now.


That’s the thing, I couldn’t see me doing that many, I REALLY don’t have the urge to do something like that even if it was legal, it’s just too much work.

2 or 3, maybe, but that’s about it.

Meanwhile, plans changed for today, not doing Indian Festival thanks to, of all things, hay fever.

I sneezed, a disk moved, and now at least I have most of the feeling in my left leg back.

So, guess it’s beer and soccer on the menu and the ozone layer gets to live another day


Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, it’s another nice sunny day here, the dog’s are all mostly crashed out around the living room ,the heats getting to them,
@Coltfire nice job on the butter brother
Have a great day everyone

@Willd @kabongster @Zombo @Tylan @DoomSack @Screwauger @highcountrygal @bigbananafeet


Good morning. I’m sorry you’re hurting @bigbananafeet. That seems to be going around. I woke up feeling like I’ve been in a fight. And lost.

I gave infused coconut oil a shot with my leftover trim that I didn’t rub for kief, as well as some stems I’ve been saving. I made some brownies for my wife’s birthday that turned out alright, but not super potent. The oil is being mainly used for lip balm now. There’s about a pint. It should last my wife a couple weeks :joy:

I hope everyone reading this is in good spirits and deep in a good supply of meds. Be well friends!


I’m used to it, didn’t catch a sneeze in time, it happens.

There might have been a few naughty words used.


!@# my life...Well !@# me! I am !@#ed. more then I like to be......... I will pro-vale, I will... !@# CANCER… I got this!


Sorry to hear it @crazyots. Keep that attitude, and you will kick it’s butt!


Get them to throw in T-Cell immunotherapy.

That’s one form of immunotherapy which has shown success, they take blood out, extract the T-Cells, breed them in the lab then stick them back in you which triggers a huge immune system response against the abnormal cancer cells, the abnormal cells get attacked like a dead sheep falling into a shoal of piranhas.

There’s been some great advances there, get on a programme if you can.


Good morning gardeners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, i had one hell of a rough night, 2 hour’s sleep woke with a huge huge headache that I couldn’t shift, I got up I was coughing again which was hurting my head to, ,I really really hate a really nasty headache, totally the worst kinda pain, well feeling well rough now and ready to face the day, have a great day everyone
@crazyots your right brother f#ck cancer and you got this ,keep up the positive mental attitude

@Willd @kabongster @Zombo @Tylan @Coltfire @Screwauger @DoomSack @highcountrygal @bigbananafeet


Up early dabbing out on crumble. LA Confidential x G13 70% thc on right. on left is slymer at 70% thc


Wooohoo, that’s gonna put some hair on your knuckles! @Dr.DankThumb420


Haha it sure will. Real tasty stuff. @Zombo


Here’s a picture taken today of a clone I saved after breaking off a branch when trying to do some LST lol. I did more of a HST. This will be going into a 1 gal. pot of Happy Frog today and then into a 10 gal. pot with Ocean Forest in a couple weeks. This cloning system works great.


great looking clone,i concur, that cloner does the job!