Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Thanks @TxGrowman.
I dislike the feeling of helplessness when water is pouring into the basement. Luckily ground water has never seeped in from below like your prior house.


Thought this might make a few football fans smile. It was one of my Dad’s favorites :slightly_smiling_face:


Last time i went to dr was when u lost all the weight. Had to use dr under my ins. We know how that went and ins kept going up. Since im in stix theres no county hospital so gotta rely on homeopathics


Thanks for the thoughts @TxGrowman

Tried going to bed at 7:30 last night to get up at 3 a.m. this morning for work but I’ve been dealing with a three straight day near migraine. I was up until 1 sitting on the couch with my head in my hands moaning like a baby. Finally fell asleep and woke up with only a tinge of headache.

This morning I worked a five and a half hour shift and apparently looked so terrible the customers were asking if I needed anything. One man said I look like I lost a lot of weight which was probably so. Pretty much starving all week but would take a few bites and lose my appetite. A little fasting never hurt anybody.

I’m home now and feeling a thousand percent better than I was last Saturday night. I’m getting there. I have to get up the energy to transfer two plants from 1 gallon plastic into 3 gallon fabric. Then I will have three plants in the big tent which I plan to veg for another few weeks just to fill up the net. Trying to plan this so I will be at the end of flower sometime in May just when the heat is starting to pick up. Then I will go ahead and veg a couple more plants during the summer because the heat won’t be as much of an issue as it was last summer with the flowering plants.

Now that you’ve probably felt like you have read a couple weeks entry of somebody’s diary I will bid you good day. Have a great weekend.



I remember how all that felt. I grew up in Marin County in the Bay Area and during the late sixties we had several winters straight where it just rained like we lived in monsoon land. Hills were sliding, floods everywhere, Etc.

I lived in a town named Mill Valley where there were only three roads that could get you out of the town. Two of them were connected and at that intersection it would flood out to where no cars could get through. The other road was Miller ave that went by the high school and that two would flood out. Nobody could get in or out of town. I remember some enterprising kids who brought out their aluminum boats with the small outboard engines and would ferry the businessmen across the street to where the buses would come pick them up. Probably charged them a quarter or $0.50 which was good money for kids in '68 and '69. This would happen every few years. It’s just one of those things that Californians accept and learn to live with, like the earthquakes.

I’m glad to know you are safe and I hope everything opens up for you very soon. Hang in there.


@daz49 my cats and dogs love there raw venison. They get it 3 times a week.


That’s great protein for the babies @Coltfire


@bob31 … happy Saturday Bob… good luck to your team tonight… weather is gonna be frosty!


Lucky lucky animals, it’s well pricey over here, even beef is expensive lol


$11per kilo for the animals $32 for human, the animals are on a full raw diet, and love it.


Omg, I’d eat at your table lol


You need to get a good indica that will give you the munchies. Don’t let this run you down. The fastest way to get sicker is not to eat.

NOW I’ll get off my soapbox ! !

The first day back you always say “Why did I come in ??” I hope you are feeling better soon my friend.


All right ! ! Just got my ILGM hoodie in the mail. Fits great ! I have been pushing it too much today and need to back off. I need to get better. They are good quality and feel nice with the lining! Pictures at 10 or whenever I get off the couch again. It’s play off time ! !


Glad everyone seems to be hanging in there with the winter in the northern hempisphere and summer in the southern.
Cross posting for those of you who do not follow the artistry topic


If anyone is interested…I'm dreaming of a White Widow


@bob31 Go Pats!!! You at the game?


So went to Lowe’s today and I bought PVC pipes and connectors for my scrog I’ll be building. There was a couple behind me with two items at check out so I let them pass since I had probably 40 connectors (I have some grand plan lol). She said oh you have a project going on what’s it for? I quickly responded oh it’s for a sculpture I’m building. Lol.


Quick thinking. I bought some doors and the person ask what I was using it for. I told building a club house for my daughter.

Definitely like to see a pic when you have your scrog set up. I am doing one as well.


I picked mine up a couple weeks ago… four 10’ lengths of pvc and 3 bags of connectors (30 total)
Nobody asked but I was prepared: I don’t know, the old man just said to get this :joy::sweat_smile: (probably easier to pull off as a chick tho) :wink:


what a man,andy griffith!