Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


pats and falcons today…
looking good again for pats another very deep team,hard to defeat a team where every time you cut one head off two more grow back just as strong…lol
good no BS coaching too


Oh and good morning garden! All is well here today have my coffee and a different sandwich for awhile. Switched from whole wheat english muffins to whole wheat cinnamon raisin english muffins. Very tasty!

Headed out to the game this afternoon. It’s gonna be chilly. But dry!


You sticking with the falcons to the end again?

Do you know that after the Superbowl last year I ordered the DVD set of all three games and I got it about a month later. I never even watched it till earlier this week. I know it would be hard for you to watch but it really made me sick to my stomach to watch the SB again, even though I knew the outcome. Wow


Good switch on the muffins.
May inspire me to find those in the store.


yessir. There are 2 pumps in there at different levels
a 1/2 HPon the lower platform and a 3/4 on the upper
They are plugged into separate circuits wired into our the breaker panel of our whole house generator unit in even of power failure


@North_East_Newbie Vermont brands English muffin s are the ones I buy. They don’t use high fructose corn syrup like the other companies do.

Hope you remained dry?


that is some serious water…
you’re on top of it for sure… @Willd


I saw Vermont brand English muffins at the grocery store this week. I will pick some up to try them out thanks Bob!
I am happy to announce my basement remained dry last night relatively speaking. The trench and sump pump outside work as a temporary bandaid. We’ll try again with the hydraulic cement that @willd recommended, once things dry out.


Bob, I hope you are up and around again. I have seen one person that had the flu this year and he looked like he was run over by a car ! He came out of it but it took him three weeks before he was back to work.

Stay well my friend. :us::man_farmer:


Good morning gardeners, I hope you’re all doing well and your grows are doing great, I am freezing cold and it’s still thick fog outside, be careful out there :wink:

@Willd @kabongster @Zombo @Countryboyjvd1971 @Coltfire @bob31 @Tylan @SmoknGranny @WillyJ


Morning all. Got to sleep in a bit this morning. Jeep should be ready today… Finally. I hate having to share my car with her lol. Plus I have a lease that ends in May. I’m already at 34000 miles. Gonna be tight keeping it under the 36k.

Hope you all have a great Saturday!

@daz49 we had that thick fog all day yesterday it was strange how it just lingered.


Good morning fellow morning gardeners. It is 25 degrees this AM and we are fixin’ to have a heat wave up to 42 today. I know that 25 isn’t cold to all of you in the northeast but it is rare in TX to see as much cold weather as we have had this year. I am hoping that my title will clear on the land in PA so I can be up there next year and live in the cold like you are. Not really looking forward to the winters but at least I will not have to put up with 105 + degrees in the summer.

Having a cup of Kona coffee that I picked up on my cruise last year and some honey baked ham breakfast biscuits for breakfast along with a slice of moon rocks Kaviar for dessert.

@North_East_Newbie - glad you got at least a temporary stop to the leaking. We had that one year when I was in living in New York. Our house was built around 1880 and had a well in the basement. It overflowed and flooded our basement and we had setup a sump pump to keep the cellar dry until spring when we could work on it.

Hope everyone has a great day.


good morning forum folks…I took a couple of photos of what the deer got to in our front yard and one picture of a shrub in the back yard, the fenced in part…and as I walked around, I felt the temperature dropping fast…


Good Morning Garden. Last night when checking on the girls I noticed some water around the plants. The first thing I thought of was that the pots had overflowed a little while feeding. Then it came to me that this was water coming in through a small area where the floor meets the wall. I have most of it sealed with silicone but this must be one area I didn’t get. I never in 30 years had enough come in to need a pump. When I built the house 30 years ago the house settled and caused two cracks. A company was advertising they could seal your leaks with a lifetime warranty. It’s been 30 years now and it never leaks where they did the work. I think it costs me $700 at the time.

@Willd that’s a nice setup.


Holy crap! They’z Hungry deer!!! @kabongster


Good morning garden! I’m very sorry to tell you that it’s going to be close to 80° today but I will try to gut it out for you. The WHOLE WEEKEND TOO!


Water is the worst for sure! I hope you guys stay safe and secure.

The 101 is now closed indefinitely.


Oh, please don’t suffer too much, dear, I mean we’re setting records for lack of sunlight…119 hours total in December. That’s like less than 4 hours a day. And were still far from the next season of GoT! Wouldn’t mind a few days of 80*+ at all. Just stay away from the floods!


Yesterday I was out driving in it and where we have a lot of dips and valleys I was driving in and out of the thick of it and it looks just as bad today, lot more road accidents in this weather.
Just watching young Sheldon and you Americans love your beef, specially Texas and your favourite is brisket, I’ve never even tried brisket lol but I do love beef, it was my favourite till I tried venison but it’s my 2nd favourite now lol


@Screwauger there’s undeveloped land behind us, gotta be alotta critters in there and there’s a lake not too far away, Shenipsit Lake (the Snip), surrounded by more woods…with all the snow gone we’ll be safe and sound…till the next “gully whomper” hits, maybe Tuesday/Wednesday…

stay safe @daz49, stay indoors if you can!


With no health insurance it’s easy to do! When we had insurance it was a racket here with the affiliation to the University of Nebraska here. Tests are constantly ordered that had NOTHING to do with problems. Misdiagnosis was a constant. Worst medical professionals ever and I have lived in many places. Having said that, I’m happy to report that CHI (Catholic Health Initiatives) is a compassionate & caring health system.
I have had to cut back on garlic :slightly_frowning_face: in my diet as too much aggravates my IBS.