Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Hey John
Been a long day dug a trench outside to divert water to a sump pump I sunk in thlee backyard.
So far so good!
And this rain is testing the heck out of it right now.
Here hoping I wake up to no pond in my basement. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks @Screwauger.
Hope you weather the storm well too!


@BIGE fun fact about the “Jiffy cornbread” it’s milled and boxed in Chelsea, Mi.


ok,close to you?


Hahahaha ok I will admit when that happens I’m pecking at the keyboard but most times I’ll retry and go a bit more slowly and that usual does the trick.

Took me four swipe tries to get pecking right :yum:


If you type a word that’s not in the ‘dictionary’ then a checkmark appears on the left, so you can add uncommon words or names (though you have to type them out the first time)

I was trying to take a screenshot but the keyboard disappears :unamused:


@BIGE No, in Alaska now. Lol.


Good morning all still warm and wet getting cold by late afternoon :wink: sbow has all melted away
Happy no tag Saturday folks
my your grow be green and full of bud
Best wishes all :v:️ CB

again garden you are welcome,and good morning!!


Super Silver Schnoz.
Thanks for the Prine & Dement set. @BIGE!

I always change the line “drinks his beer” to “smokes his weed”


just like air!


It’s one of a small smattering of tunes I play that MrsWillD will actually sing with me. She really admires John Prine.


Morning folks! Happy Saturday!!

Nice day for a duck!

I got up super early to stir buds, check water seepage and select a nice nugget for this mornings coffee 'n bong Youtube sesh, thanks for kicking it off right @BIGE

Morning @Willd @Countryboyjvd1971


Wow wind is howling here on the cape…woke me up! Thunder storms are due also…beats snow! Went out and had a few scorpion :scorpion: bowls… been a long time since I had a touch of hangover… :coffee: hope everyone is well and stays safe with this storm…


So we install a sump system in 2014 after two years of dealing with the most horrendously wet cellar.
Here she is in her glory this soggy morn.


do you have a float control on that @Willd


Wow. That’s pretty significant, all around. I had a similar flow in my first house, but not even half that elaborate a system. I was a sump pump collector back in those days and it was my FT job for 17 days in the 98 ice storm.


i always call water in a game of rock,paper,sissors…lol
water is the supreme compound,deadly in all forms!


I take garlique, vit c, & a multi vit daily. When sick we use propolis made from bee pollen. Try to stay away from doctors as they only have a practice & only practice.


I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been fortunate to have had only a leaky roof, a water heater that covered the place in water and a malfunctioning washing machine and all of the above have been resolved!

All of the snow is just about gone. The only thing left is the bigger snow blower piles!

Like the shirt @Willd should be a good game tonight. Who do you like tonight @BIGE ? Hahaha