Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


Never tried those but I will now. Sounds good


A lot of hunters overlook that piece of meat when butchering. There’s another one inside the shoulders too, but not worth it for anything less than elk sized.


Venison Taco is what I meant never had them


I just think of them as CB-isms

@Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971


Tenderloin for breakfast the day after you’ve hung your deer is one of the greatest experiences a person can have in life, in my humble opinion.

But a venison tenderloin with a nice blackberry currant sauce is a good second option. :slight_smile:


sweet i would love to go see/feel i rocket blast off!


@daz49 the DP from ILGM are Regular seeds, not fems. So your brother got the Odd Male.


I have tried swiping but I never get the word I want… Am I missing something?


Ditto! @MAXHeadRoom


When I was chosing Ithe seeds I clicked for feminized seeds, high thc and yeild



We don’t have a bambi killer emoji?


the artist formerly known as bambi, @bob31
he goes by lil’turd now!


Sometimes it grabs the wrong word but above the keyboard there are some suggestions in case it picked the wrong word and there are times I have to back up a word because it was wrong and there were no good selections but for the most part it works great :sunglasses:

Holy run on sentence but you get the point lol


Without seeing how you did it, I wouldn’t really know what you’re missing. I don’t always get the right word either but often it’s in the suggestions :wink:

Edit: replied at the same time as @Tylan :grin:


How do you get the right word if it won’t let you figure it out…

Geez I was able to do pretzelsh good until I get that far…

Pretzelsh? Wtf is that lol I will have to keep trying this


btw dinner looked delirious! @BIGE


We have a really high tempo of launches and it’s supposed to continue. I’ve seen hundreds now and they’re always fun (the big ones anyway ).

@Bogleg we would make a roast from wild hog tenderloin where the whole thing was split lengthwise and a filling of mushrooms, onion, egg and bread crumbs was used and both tenderloins were tied around it with bacon and roasted.


Do not go into the meadow!!!


Thanks for the suggestion.
I tried it, but the water flow was too much for it to cure. I will try again once things dry out


I’m watching our bulkhead tonight. It’s just dumping and we will usually get some seepage and at times flow under the door but that’s not as serious as your situation. Best of luck NEN