Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Chapter 3 - The Saga Continues


watch out !
when the olympic games are over
the real fireworks will begin!!


Yeah back daily now buddy, need to lift my spirits and I missed everyone to and our banter, no he sent me pictures totally male and he had 3 other lemon haze cuttings so the only seeds he had he got off me, just bad luck but I’m going to give him some more seeds, he has given me 2 successful cuttings so that’s why he’s a little upset lol sad to say it’s not an exact science, well not to me as I only started in March so I’m learning everyday myself, he don’t mean nothing by it he was just really disappointed as he has 3 lemon haze in the tent aswell and he says he’s sick of lemon haze lol


Love Croce ! Have almost all his works on vinyl !


I’ll take some of it off his hands !


He’d let you have cuttings for free to, that’s the kinda fella he is really, normally mellow but passionate about his weed, he’s had lemon haze for ages where he is, the 2 I’ve had from him are lemon haze and I have strawberry haze to so I don’t mind, I let him take cuttings from mine and gave him some nice seeds so it’s sad the only 1 that did was a male,he was really looking forward to the durban poison after how well mine did


I can see that @daz49. Before I found ILGM strains to me were “Who cares?” but I know better now :stuck_out_tongue: Now I would also get bored of one strain over and over again so I feel his frustration. It’s always good to be passionate about weed :smiley:


Frick yeah, always good to be passionate about that, he used to grow before and now me growing for my medication needs I’ve managed to talk him into growing again but to get him back interested I had to give him some seeds, so I gave him a few of what I’d had success with, plus some he really wanted like ww and gl, all of which I’ve had luck with so I don’t understand how he could have got a male


Oh by the way this isn’t a moan, just letting you all know how my day is going, I have much better plans upcoming, this Sunday is my 50th so since I didn’t celebrate Christmas, my Christmas and birthday gift is to have my backpiece completed and I’m booked in for 2 days work on 16th and 17th, so tick that 1 off my bucket list lol upwards for the new year, positive vibes


Awww. I taught my old heeler, Sable, to jump into my arms off my bent knee. Dang I miss her :cry:


I fell in love with Jim as a 5 year old and cried when I learned he’d died a year earlier. I had a record (vinyl!!) that I carried around for weeks :black_heart:


I turned my Dad on to Jim Croce and he loved it :heart:


Happy to see you back :hugs: @daz49


I get this a lot too, when people see me doing it. I absolutely love swiping!! :sunglasses:


the wind is howling, rain is trying to start, it’s in the 50’s now, took advantage of the temps got our Christmas lights and garland down, the car is in the garage…

good morning forum folks, made it by 4 minutes :wink:

good to see you back @daz49 !


OH NO ! I was just told I am all outta love, and I don’t even like Air Supply !


ha! some will not get it jerry…lol


wasn’t that great anyway !


-14f -28f wind not going to be outside too much today but atleast weather is more seasonal :wink:


Seasonable? For a polar bear lol… @Donaldj… brrr


The moist air last week was making me sore as was all the wet snow